Nano is being pushed hard. Thanks to some dilligent researchers you can find out this is a technology used to assimilate you into…well something.

The new age is asking us to believe this stuff its essential for a our spiritual evolution. It is the exact opposite. Myself and others are experience extremely enlightned phenomena the MORE we get this SHIT out of our bodies and cellular structure. Even non spiritual people are seeing this. Everything currently produced by Mankind is keeping you from something very important, essentially important and you will never ever ever leave this place worshipping the things of man. Its a shame because maybe before the 1600’s before the takeover…there were actually things by mankind….of benefit to you. Higher minded, higher hearted and actually more advanced technology. We are provably being de-evolutionized, and melded into the OLD ONES. Have fun with that. You will know and unfortunately there is only about 10 people on the plane that could even think of pulling of this abyss. Not me and know I don’t know who they are.

Lets get into it.

Nano technology in vaccines is ridiculously dangerous. Here is a video.

Micro and Nano in Vaccines

Legally its not allowed. That should tell you everything you ever need to know if you have a brain left. Don’t have a brain left?…… you go………..

C-60 is a nano carbon material that is 100s of times harder than diamonds and cannot be broken down in the body. It was tested as dna shredding…..then Kurzweil and the transhumanists got a hold of it and MAGICALLY its now good for you. It is a super conducter and and essential for modern nano-bot technlogy.

It will be used for a daarpa project called N3 that will allow non invasive connections to computers and IA. Or you are already infested with it. Do wonder why people are no longer their any more? Robotic, unable to even comprehend anything outside their own programs.?

BionanotechnologyC-60 fullerene health issues

Silica dioxide is in everything. Even organic grains. Its nano. Its a super conducter. Its in your organic vitamins(most of it). It will self replicate in frequencies. 5g, 6g and 7.5G cell tech(which is already here) you just don’t know it.

Nano silver shreds your reproductive organs making you sterile. Its in everything!! Your underwear, your toilet paper..your clothing. Guess why?


Global warming and wierd is partially caused by the weather modification towers and the static electricity build up of the microwaves from them. What am I talking about. Your cell phone habit makes it impossible to rain so they have to artificially induce it. Natural clouds cannot form in a staticly charged and positively ionized atmosphere. If you are concerned about the climate and you use a cell phone…… are part of the problems..and YOUR CONSENTING now…to having it.


So as they keep pushing this technology on you……solving problems that NEVER GET SOLVED and they literally make the Natural authentic world with its near perfection and USEFULNESS…………outlawed….you will be held accountable…..even if just a fraction for consenting to a natural authentic universe being irradicated with AI. I MEAN IT. If you do not know the cost for participating in destroying a natural authentic universe you probably should figure it out.

Granted, you didn’t order the destruction but THEY will attempt to get you to take all of the karma for this and you will agree..thus alleviating the Rulers from the cause and effect of whiping this place out. That is the scam. If you understand this little karma hack than you pretty much understand the whole of western civilization….and most of what you need to know spiritually. So, do you get it yet? Or will you fall to the abyss….

Do not consent to anything man made ever. Even if you have to be using it for right now. Removing the ability to choose between authentic and false can be their downfall..but only if you stop consenting.

Unfortunately, this blog has been already internet bubbled. If you are seeing this you are fortunate. So few will ever hear this universe unhack and they will suffer. Ask, your self why this blog got bubbled. Usually on youtube it takes about 50,000 subscribers before they do something strange. I am a “nobody” in the truth realms off in a little corner few will even go to. Gotta ask yourself how I got to the internet bubble way ahead of schedule?