SO much going I can hardly think what to write before something more weird happens. So I haven’t been able to write here as much as I probably should.  But anyway.


FREE-SPEECH: As I wrote last year or so……free speech is dying or dead. The facade of it actually existing is going fast too. California is trying to put a nail in the coffin with this lovely bit of orwellian demonic Spin.

Basically..all social media and WEBSITES hosted in california will require legally to validate there facts with……the corporate fake news.

Basically it will be illegal to call out criminals……….at least thats the intent.


Nano tech is in all our food now….even organic..through various means. It might be time to look into anti nano nutrients( my opinion) so when they fire up those little white antenna you don’t drop like a fly. I’ve seen it. No joke.  this guy is good

here is some stuff to look at.


So 6g is almost here. Yes I said that. Not 5g.  You will notice 6g and the logo are here…well in England anyway. 6g is 66 or the Abyss…and there is even alot of 666 encoded in this site…along with the breaking to the other side WARP world. You really really really won’t be able to deal with this stuff………so thanks all you cell phone users!! coming to demiurgic abyss planet near your..very near.


Some people I know have jumped a notch automatically spiritually and psychically automatically…so something in a positive shift is happening too. So its not all crap.


Crrow 777 said last year or so Space may be actually water..and we have discussed that encoding in the occult, with nasa and The abyss(hell), the qlipoth is often encoded as water too. So on the blog we have mentioned all this..that space….they abyss may actually be made of water and actually be a hellish dimension…or the under world. All above the sky or the firmament.

Whats the point?? Well…….in the planetary model of the solar system…….the planet Uranus is the ancient SKY GOD(or the firmament), Neptune God of the Sea(part of the abyss?) and after that the recently demoted PLUTO god of the underworld.

So even in “science” they have encoded the the hellish watery place is above the sky. Not sure anybody noticed this before……so I’ll claim FIRST!!! …for now.


Clean meat: Is being pushed …meet grown from stem cells…as a more environmentally friendy ethical meat to be eating. Firstly the environmentally unfriendlyness of this place is BY DESIGN by THOSE GUYS. Nothing they will ever do will assist a mankind or any other life…….anywhere. This is just to normalize cloning and the transhumanist agenda. Or I should say the  transyugothian agenda. Which is of will benefit no human and few mankind.

There is something metaphysically wrong about eating human….and they know why and we don’t. Tabbo or not…….it will bight you in the butt. And unfortunately you already have…but thats another story.

This Dawkins character is not an atheist by the way and is a freemasons(you can’t be an atheist by the way in that group). He is just there to be a life time actor to spout whatever his little leash tells him todo.

Anyway….they will get you to eat human meat…or your children will…I mean you didn’t say no to the rest of it……so why start saying NO now? If  you don’t know the reason why you should say NO to everything the matrix offers you….than you either havent read this channel before OR you just aren’t getting it. Those that aren’t getting it we’ll be seeing you in a very watery place in about 20,000 years…..when we might have figured how to get you out….or a miracle. I hear the entertainment is pretty messed up there.