Currently there are NO clouds due where I am at and it will be 70 degrees..for weeks. It should be rainy and  low 40s till March. While I know about weather manipulation I wasn’t sure what was causing the weather to get even weirder than it already is.

A little known book called the “SCIENCE of RAIN” pointed out the fact that high emf will case a static charge in the atmosphere making it very difficult for NATURAL rain and Clouds to form. Basically you cell phone numb-sculls are causing weather anomalies. I tested it and it is real. The atmosphere should have a neutral charge and its positively charged now. Pretty easy to test with a multimeter….and some wire…………


So with 5g and multi state EMF warfare………there went our weather and clouds. The “DRILL” is end of January till Feb 18th or so.

So this is about the 4th time I’ve been in one of these..several states. Obviously if you are aware. EMF DRILLS are not drills. Its like Testing nukes on population..your either popping off the weapon or you are not. The last one I was at admitted it was going to kill off wildlife(Olympic Mountain Range).

And to make matters worse this GPS(JAMMING or blasting you with EMF WEAPONS) is probably only part of that. EXPECT WEIRDNESS>

SO for those of you that still think TRUMP’s Regime is making america great again………well a real universe wouldn’t have these tests on an innocent population. Don’t get me wrong……the only thing worse than the bloody nightmare of trump was the bloody nightmare of OBAMA( His name is a Aramaic phonetical translation for Lighting from heaven or LUCIFER). TRUMP is just the TRUMP/PENCE or trumpets of the apocalypse. Same machine rolling on and on and on and the sleepy heads still only concerned about facebook. Lovely….

All I have to say is “SOFT INVASION”.  Where is your facebook friends, you healing groups, your activists, where are you “american patriots”, where are you envirnomentalists, where are your militia, where are you truthers, you flat earthers, community leaders, your churches, your billionaire with your fake intention to help, your supposed luciferian self empowerment people, your bitcoin greed freedom fakes, you techies… say NO!!! Nowhere because your fake..subconsciously or consciously serving the system……….. Because 99.9999% of you are full of cow rear end intestinal by products and not in divine integrity. Not that I can blame you… all had your head twisted by a doctor at birth(not joking).

I keep saying —-IT is ON- and now is the time to change your mind, soul….reclaim your natural authentic divinity(not some fake new agey thing) and start turning off THEIR MAGIC.

It is not hopless…unless the current state of integrity, wisdom, intelligence and natural divinity within you remains the same……….then well……someone please  tell me how to fish you out of the abyss…I am unsure I have that skill down yet…..I guess its sorta comforting knowing someone will fish out some day/year/millennia……………but haven’t seen that place have you???

I know there are lots of beautiful well meaning, patriotic people in the military – but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just sayin………….

While I don’t enjoy being stern with you all…..I would say I spend alot of my day everyday cleaning up after your ignorance…..and have to fix you ……….when in a real universe I could go play some mandolin in the the forest and relax….

I should not be having to deal with emf issues in this universe just because your so asleep you don’t notice your getting sick and saying…”i don’t notice anything”

Be true………………


Here are more details………………sent to me by a friend of a friend


Massive U.S. Air Force war drill Jan. 26 – Feb. 18 — in progress now.

Drill includes using powerful EMF devices to jam GPS across Western U.S. — coverage map attached is of 2016 coverage of jamming device, and article is below.

I’ve heard from a number of people with new RF-type health problems dating from when the exercise began, and they didn’t know what was causing it. I heard a new high pitched loud source of RF starting on Sunday. It’s very chirpy at times. It is definitely debilitating and interferes with sleep.

“Training maneuvers will impact vast portions of the Western U.S. including California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. FAA enroute ATC centers affected include Albuquerque (ZAB), Denver (ZDV), Los Angeles (ZLA), Salt Lake (ZLC), Oakland (ZOA) and Seattle (ZSE). ”

Coordinated maneuvers and elevated emissions will likely around all military facilities in the Western U.S..

Please call Sen. Harris, Sen. Feinstein, and the rep for your area, and ask them to halt this dangerous exercise. Below are also the phone numbers of the Nevada senators, where this exercise is based.

Sen. Kamala Harris 202-224-3553
Sen. Dianne Feinstein 202-224-3841
Sen. Dean Heller (Nevada) 202-224-6244
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada) (202) 224-3542

Points and background information:
Air Force drill Red Flag 18-1
January 26 – February 18 – duration of drill
Based at Nellis Air Force Base, covering all the Western states – Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Oregon, etc.
Drill specifically includes jamming GPS throughout the region which requires using powerful EMF emissions
Serious public health threat; people are already having related health problems that date from the beginning of the exercise, including heart problems, severe ringing in the ears, insomnia, weakness/exhaustion. This may have already put people in the hospital.
This dangerous exercise must be halted immediately.
Ask for a followup call on what steps are being taken

Two sources for article below
Original: Zero Hedge
USAF Largest Ever “Red Flag 18-1” Air War Drill. Prepares for Possible Conflict in Korea? Massive GPS Blackouts in the Western US

By Zero Hedge
Global Research, January 29, 2018
Zero Hedge 27 January 2018

The United States Air Force is launching its largest-ever three-week premier set of air war drills, called Red Flag 18-1, starting on Friday and will conclude February 16, said the 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs.

On January 26, the air war drill, known as Red Flag, officially kicked off at Nellis Air Force Base, 20-miles outside of Las Vegas. Base officials have warned residents of increased military aircraft activity due to aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base twice-a-day to conduct war drills on the Nevada Test and Training Range.
“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1,” said Col Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander. “It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness.”
The drill involves a variety of attack, fighter and bomber aircraft as well as participants from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and Marine Corps. Foreign participants include Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Air Force.
A video from the 2015 Red Flag drill is shown below.
VIDEO at links

“Red Flag 18-1 primarily is a strike package focused training venue that we integrate at a command and control level in support of joint task force operations,” said Mathes. “It’s a lot of words to say that we integrate every capability we can into strike operations that are flown out of Nellis Air Force Base.”

According to The Drive, the air war drill is the largest of its kind in the 42-year history, as the United States prepares for a possible conflict on the Korean Penisula.

Further, the USAF is going to “blackout GPS over the sprawling Nevada Test and Training Range,” said the Drive, which will provide realistic war-like conditions to challenge aircrews. reports the drills at the Nevada Test and Training Range will cause rolling GPS blackouts for the vast portions of the Western United States from January 26 through February 18. All GPS-equipped aircraft operating in the Western United States should be prepared for possible navigation failure in the region.
The NBAA Command Center reports the U.S. military will begin training exercises on the Nevada Test and Training Range between 0400Z until 0700Z daily. Training maneuvers will impact vast portions of the Western U.S. including California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico. FAA enroute ATC centers affected include Albuquerque (ZAB), Denver (ZDV), Los Angeles (ZLA), Salt Lake (ZLC), Oakland (ZOA) and Seattle (ZSE). Operations in R-2508 and R-2501 may also be impacted.
“Arrivals and departures from airports within the Las Vegas area may be issued non-Rnav re-routes with the possibility of increased traffic disruption near LAS requiring airborne re-routes to the south and east of the affected area. Aircraft operating in Los Angeles (ZLA) center airspace may experience navigational disruption, including suspension of Descend-via and Climb-via procedures. Non-Rnav SIDs and STARs may be issued within ZLA airspace in the event of increased navigational disruption. Crews should expect the possibility of airborne mile-in-trail and departure mile-in-trail traffic management initiatives.”
The Drive explains why the USAF is determined to use GPS spoofing and jamming technology but offers no insight into what a GPS blackout might mean for the millions of civilians who live in the Western region of the US.

GPS denial is a becoming a huge issue for American military planners. Peer states, especially Russia, are already putting GPS spoofing and jamming tactics to work during various training events near their own borders. We have discussed this situation in great depth before, and I would suggest you read this article to understand just how deeply the loss of reliable global positioning system data can mean for the U.S. and its allies during a time of war, as well as what is being done to overcome such a monumental hurdle.

The Pentagon has mysteriously tested technology that can jam GPS over a wide area before, and it is likely that this same capability will be put to use in the Nellis Test and Training Range for this Red Flag 18-1. Line-of-sight and distance impact the way in which GPS users, especially other airplanes, operating far outside the training area will be affected. Here is an article on those tests, which emanated from Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, which is located on the western edge of the Mojave Desert in California, in June of 2016.

Below is a released image showing the impact of a GPS jammer unleashed on the Western United States in a June 2016 test:[attached)

If there is a concrete reason why the Department of Defense is quietly preparing a massive air war drill in Nevada now, while simultaneously forcing a gigantic GPS blackout for the Western part of the United States, it has not been disclosed aside from the obvious, of course.

We know one thing: this exercise will last a lengthy three weeks and could pose significant risks and threats to devices that rely on GPS signals, which according to the DHS chart below, is pretty much anything with electronics in it these days.
Let’s hope that nothing goes wrong in the Western part of the United States if so, we will know whom to blame…