I was going to publish a lot more in January but I was so busy healing people from this sickness you guys are going through.  So here is the rough edit of what I wrote on new years.  Its “opinion” of course. Up to you to think if its well  observed and researched or not. Someone has to be stern and real with you guys.

All I can tell you is ITS ON and you must get to working on yourself and others….or ……………

Some facts:

CDC list horrendous side effects of vaccines. I have witnessed many people take vaccines and that was it….THEY WERE DONE. It is a violation of the universe to exterminate and pollute children. Those doing it will get to know why at some point. I feel sorry for them.

Wireless technology is trespassing against me and all those that revoke there consent to that broadcast. The universe has self correcting mechanics(though obviously slow)……..I sincerely hope YOU are not part of the thing that needs to be self corrected. Self correction fortunately is not fatal for a soul but it does feel like it. Yuck………

Self replicating, nano sensor technology is coming down of the sky and is further connecting you to the AI. You do not own your thoughts. You are possessed.

Most skin conditions are nano poisoning as also is all immune disease.

Silica dioxide…is added to everything and vibrates and creates frequencies around wireless technology. There goes your nerves and your copper levels.

AI is here and controls everything Except those that revoke consent.

All all AI admits its going to whipe out humans….dates vary but 2020-22…….is even listed in NIN videos. Plan for the Abyss…….if you have concented.

Most if not all AI;programmers reference Goetia, Enocian, Crowleyian, Transyuggothian and H.P. Lovecraft demonic concepts, invocation. they don’t do it often on corporate tv but they do it on public debates, confererences and writings.

5g is going to hurt. clean your body.

There are no countries, or political parties.

Local small invasions have been happening in your country. They are reported then silenced fairly quickly. If you believe america is being defended………..uhm….not true.

While ALL spirituality is severely corrupted on this planet………..atheism is satanism and leads to madness(not logic and reason). I have been a part of many logic organizations and there really isn’t any. Rhetoric yes…logic no. You will have to find your own way to test truth, figure out authentic metaphysical concepts and connect to the natural authentic earth. Entities, angels, gods are a NO. Real authentic Source…works much better in place of the “gods”..which means “that which is invoked” a black magic. concept.

You have over 50 senses and abilities that have been desimated by prussian education(education means raising animals), toxins, nano, media spells and dark forces. If you drop your body in that condition…….well…..zoikes……you will need a miracle to go any where decent. Get to work.

There is no real history before 200 years ago. And really not much after that. Did you hear about the great Juarez genocide in 5 years ago in Mexico. Nope. Did you hear of the East La military invasion 6 Years ago. Nope. Stop believing these Jerks.

Stop believing in anything and learn to know stuff. It is better to leave here with 2 real facts than leave here believing 2,000,000 things that aren’t true……….

It wouldn’t take much to stop this nonsens. But you all consent to it every day. I have met 5 people who know how to Revoke their Consent…properly. This isn’t enough.

The biggest thing you can do right now is stop 5g from comming into your town. Educate yourself about AI and how it controls every aspect of you.

Get on an anti nano diet. Vegan, Vegatarian, Carnivourous and palio are all null concepts to health now. So is organic unfortunately. Its about nonNano

Get off GMAIL.

Get off social media.

Training your replacement is stupid, no?

Space is not what you think it is.

Earth is not what you think it is.

Do not go to school or college. It will make you retarded. Learn real knowledge somehow. It won’t be easy.

Western Civilization is here to create as much useless hamster wheel activity that goes no where as possible. There is a benefit to the system to having a life of lots of effort and no real product. Harvesting your money isn’t really the answer to it. Do you know what it is?

Peace, Joy and Harmony will come from within and taming your artificial mind monsters and not participating in the energy of this place(except possible nature). Its tough but worth it.

Western, English, American, European, Dragon Family Civilization is so difficult and misserable that most people can’t do it withouth drugs, mindless games and TV. People were very very very happy without it. People in tune with nature were never board. Unfortunately…we no longer have a natural system. Thanks for supporting people that have stolen from you.

The world used to have such abundance…quiet recently actually that no hunting or agriculture was really needed. Climate was very moderate for the most part. A bit farther back NO stuctures were needed from the elements. the parasites came and created extremes so we had to know work for a small shack, that we can never own that isn’t good for us…and is in a box……

Forest production of food has been made so rare that we now have to burn it down and create grains and livestock(with human dna) so we can again further waste time.

Do you understand that the system spends trillions of dollars or more for years and years, specific cultures, spirituality and lifestyles so that all you do is run in a hamster wheel.

If no expence needs to be spared so you run in a circle…what is it in this universe you would be doing if you actually lived in a real authentic, non simulated plane of existence. I would imagine it would beyond what a stupid hollywood movie CGI extravaganza could even contemplate.

Stop being food.

Test your truthers………some if not all are not right….on some level anyway.

If you believe anything in the news or from hollywood..and I mean anything at all..even the politicians you are in need of a miracle to stay out of the abyss at this point. Luckily miracles happen…so maybe you will be just fine. But crap….once you see that place……..you really try to keep people from going there……..with not much success I might add. I am not saying its your fault..but still………you got the hook in your mouth and you are the one that needs to get it off. You probably won’t though will you?

Can you identify the walking scripts in your life? Go watch the Truman show again.

Aliens are not what you think.

Angels are not what you think….as are demons.

People…mostly are not what you think they are either. Sometimes thats a good thing but most often NOT.

Take a Jewelers Loupe(30X or more) and go squeeze a blemish(pimple) or any other anomoly on your body. Enjoy the red and blue fibers coming out.

IF you see any distortions in your field of vision…any thing out of the corner of your eye……congratulations…your a psychic(I dont care for that term). I am just seeing stuff..or a I had a shot of wiskey and now I am seeing stuff is a NULL CONCEPT.

Learn to clear energies and entities this year…………it will serve you.

Everything with a circuit board and most things even decades old has THE MONSTER in bedded in it and is  part of the AI/Qlipoth. Don’t believe me. Go procure the services of a real hacker and have him remotely reprogram your older toaster.

Everything with a cirquite board(including computer chips) creates blue wave scalar fields and acts on a quantum level connecting to STUFF…………..

Always and I mean always…no matter how upsetting and weird your fellow man has become …….the cause is always those 1% humans/entities……..don’t blame human shaped sleepy heads as much as those things.

What have you done to make real medicine on this planet, a just system, to cure illness, to remove chem trails, removed AI from the planet, #

Tv, Entertainment, media(all forms) is consent to ego, innappropriate systems based on child sacrifice…especially sexually, slavery of women/men and all forms of depraved stuff. Go work in hollwyood without being part of the “families” and see for yourself. Consent to that means the sourcers of the world think you don’t care about that…and just watch how that will effect yourlife and beyond. Just stop. there is no tv show that doesn’t have horrible production things going on behind it. its not glamourous. Walk away!!!

If all goes well and you seriously consider what I am saying you have a greater chance to not being stuck in the machine/abyss world and have another aspect….more authentic to go to……with this body even. I do not think activating your dna, or experiencing more advanced types of abilities is necessary. Just choose Authentic existence and self or choose artificial existence and self and your abyss masters have it all planed out for you. Being wise, observant and a couple of miracles…you may just do fine.

Never become a spiritual warrior. Warriors consent to war and that doesn’t get rid of wars. Consent to peaceful authentic systems and healing that which is sick and evil………

STOP attacking the 99% or put 99% on the 1% and give 1% of your grief to the 99%. Attacking the sheep doesn’t do any good and is actually service to the wolf.