You are not human.

Well some of you are(if you think you are meat) Some of you might be “other”. Most of you should consider yourself some sort of divine being.

Human appears to be a brand of cattle….especially to the elite and law. A beast. Not a monster but a beast of burden, cattle….just any animal.

Man…as is referred to by the elite, their literature and law refers to a a RACE(not male or female). YOu are not man according to them. You are a beast created by man or a human. Laws for MEN are not for humans..the non elite …..the 99%.

Mark of the beast doesn’t refer to an “anti Christ” it refers to a brand of cattle. 666 isn’t the devil its the system say….high your a beast, a piece of cattle, an animal…without soul, rights or reason for being. You are not divine.


Its fitting that we use mark of the beast all the time. OX OX. h=”Hugs and kisses” is sigil of nodins or the mark of the beast. Soulless herd. Its and insult. Thats it. OX=66 just like HU in HUman. of course also beast of burden. No accident there. “Hugs and Kisses” is 156 in gematria just like “six six six”. A coincidence I’m sure ;

If you are reading this and you understand…that this whole place is spending all its effort to convince you are undivine cattle.

Then you are the opposite. You are truly divine. You…for whatever reason have a higher purpose here. I don’t claim to know what that is…thats your problem :). I don’t have a real name yet for our race of physical incarnation..but for now Divine being, source soul and such might be better..than labeling your meat sack as your identity. Be creative…come up with your own label for our race that isn’t deragotory. We probably have a true word representative of what we are……whipped out of history about 200 years ago. Trillians of dollars, full time social engineering, “science”,  and media have been blasting you guys for at least 200 years trying to convince you are a chemical reaction no more. If that were true…….there would be no need to convince you of anything…..don’t you see? You don’t spend trillians of dollars and 200 years to  convincing a rock that its a rock……correct?

Marty Leeds on the tubes prefers and makes a really good case for the septenary cypher..being the main gematria system one should be using…especially with the bible. I dont’ agree with that completely..but I think he has proved its usefulness.

Lets look at Human in Septenary. Hu=6 and 6. Man = 1 1 1. 66 being the qlipoth or the abyss. 111 in other gematria usually has the same gematria as 666 words.

So within the human word; we have the abyss and cattle.

I am willing to bet even the word man is inappropriate for what we are …..a conquered(5g is here…so you are now conquered) yet fully divine beings with true souls…even if you forgot. Well….there are some system NPC running around too….but thats another story. If your conquered then you can do other things….to improve your environment…but you can’t fend of an invasion…if its already happened.

I would bet that even the term man..which the elite refer to their race…at least for legality really refers to them being a sort of middle man sort of slave race. Man=111=666 = mark of the cattle. The elite bankers……of which own countries….still wear neck ties…and if you don’t know what that means……..well…….figure that one out yourself.


Oh. Nov4th today………is a distraction. 11X4 is 44 deaths doors as well. Even if someone gets hurt today its still FULLY CONSTRUCTED REALITY TV SHOW.

Do not feed into the fully factitious fabricated antifascist group(created by the system)….and the people against them. Its a distraction. Go see what they are passing or what executive order or what agency is enacting today to further put you into slavery. I have seen these evil freaks turn on the cell phone towers on a population…….you have no chance……doing anything to anybody. If anything happens today…it is allowed…and is for your entertainment..and entrainment

I don’t mean entertainment….. as to amuse you; but the literal definition of “ to POSSESS your mind”.

FYI: I don’t think of things in hierarchy(thats archonic) and using the word cattle is meant in a rhetorical sense.

Real cattle, birds, rocks, plants all have their own unique type of intelligence..and aren’t necessarily better or worse than us. Just different. We may have our own special place hear..but getting arrogant about it…just leads to

EGO worship/warship and justifying cruelty to perceived lesser beings..hurting the environment…which is amply proven by this point.


Since we can whipped out at anytime and we aren’t(at least technologicallly..there may be metaphysical reasons we cannot)…I have a partial theory.  Since they have all the wealth and most of the population is suffering from full mindcontrol….there must be a reason for how things are right now. What I mean is. There must be a reason for a huge population, that can’t think…can’t grasp anything other than its meat hood is on a hamster wheal of lots of effort and staying in the same place.  Since full control came and went a while ago…….why keep up the charade? They really like big populations, very busy doing nothing..producing nothing of value…and wasting energy. Full control could be had with other methods..but this is the one that floats their boat.  If you figure out why this is an ideal scene then will know something of real value. I would assume the useless movement and energy of wasted lives is being harvested at some level.