I just saw the google doodle for today(or yesterday September 4th 2017).

Its a tribute to a Russian singer Eduard Khil( like thats a real name). I noticed that the last E on the google part of the doodle was a Greek theta sign. Which is DEATH. There is alot of other encoding if you look at it. Very dark and deathy…

He is known on the Web Meme world as Trololo Man……go look him up.

I count 23 circles( 23=W= the abyss).

There is a Radius for the G. Not sure why but its intentional.

The Name numerology is 93 by the way. 93 is Saturn
Born: September 4, 1934, Smolensk, Russia. Or 7/4 or  the 74(very masonic number). The date September 4 1934 can be easily interpreted as September 4 17 ..or yesterday. Coincidence?
Died: June 4, 2012, Saint Petersburg, Russia (That date is really 4/4 or deaths door). He was 77. 0Z or mind control number.

You live in an occult and completely constructed world. My conclusion is that either Mr. Trololo is fully or partially fabricated or most of his life was a synchronicity. Either way strange.

As a coincidence I found that some creepy child molesting cult from way back(the family?) used to make the children draw graphic sex scenes and they called them goo goo doodles. A coincidence I’m sure. Just like Guhgul is a Qlipothic Demon from the tree of death. Total coincidence.










Buried: June 7, 2012, Smolensky Cemetery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Children: Dmitri Anatolyevich Khil
Albums: It Happens, While There Is Yet Time, MORE
june is the 4th month(not the 6th) so there is a 44 in his birtday….deaths door.