If you didn’t know. There have been bills passed or attempted to pass that have removed any semblance of freespeech this year. Its my understanding that either laws have been enacted to make Corporate news the only legally protected news…which is interesting since they are all video news releases(VNR’s) now(paid advertisement) or they will be soon. I doubt they would do alot with the laws right away..but in the near future when nobody is looking it might actually start happening.

Honestly I think the final free-speech event happened in 2012……..but nobody noticed and they have just been allowing certain forms of expression for there own social engineering purposes.

Community standards(not made by any community) have been used to remove some more controversial youtube channels, some that are offensive, some that are offensive but have good info and some that are not offensive…they just tend to be correct.

Oddly, there are any number of Top Music videos with every sort of violence, hyper sexualization of children and black majick. There are videos up teaching you how to commit crimes, hurt people/children spiritually and flat out lying about all subject on the planet. Hate speach on everylevel is there. People paid by YOU are going on other peoples site saying the most horrible things….to other humans. Politicians can say anything about anybody in any context. Obviously the community standards are not mine or are they nice.

That said…this false “truther” construct of a group…which is really a fabrication…is basically saying nothing. While endless debate goes on about the exact nature of UFO’s..covert military and the infamous and ill “luminates”….nobody really is doing anything about it…nor is anybody going to anybodies assistance. Sorta Luciferian.

I noticed alot of the channels that  use the “J” word …which is unfortunate…since most of that group know nothing about the larger picture…..but like most things if the top 1% of your group is doing naughty stuff……..the whole group gets blamed. To be honest….nearly 100% of the people on this plane(t) duped into basically a form of Satanism/Luciferian so no person really gets off the hook. Anyway….if you wish your channel to survive the first cull…dont’ use the J word. Besides…its really a Babylonian/Sumerian style black magicy sort of religion running the show and they just use on various religions and groups to hide. I believe its called “the religion with no name” and has nothing to do with any real religion we know about…but they would be warshipping/worshipping some dark gods..with name we don’t really know about…but would basically be a mollocky/saturnian sorta thing.

I hear that Crrow777 might is getting hammered and who know what will happen with hsi stuff now. If you truely get what the Lunar Wave is….and his Motto” Belief is the enemy of knowing” then you really don’t need much more info from the truth groups. IT SAYS IT ALL REALLY. First time I saw the lunar wave footage i felt a bit sick……but then I said to my self…but of course that would be false too. I had seen alot by then. While I am severely more woo woo than him….and can go a bit farther in that arena(cause I’ve seen alot) its still a good basis for dissecting phenomena….observe the phenomena but don’t believe in it…at least not yet. Anyway….Him and Jason have been tearing up our construct in a big way(but politely) so go check out the the radio site or his YT channel.

It might be easier to discern real outthere research and the fake stuff on ytube soon. If the channel unimportant it will still exist.

Anyway…….enjoy 1984…..which actually was fully realized in 1984 but nobody noticed that either.