I’m CALLING IT!!!!! Tomorrow is 8/8 or 88 gematria or even 8/8/17 which is 888 gematria. 88 has been featured here a lot as its pretty much the TRUMP number..and the Hillary number. Its the number of constellations(the elite and their astrology). Three 8’s is all over Scientology books…especially the more esoteric ones. 88 has been everywhere this last year. 8/8 is the anniversary of the Tate/Manson murders(or fake social engineering event) in 1969. 19+69 is also 88 and much social engineering happened that year.

So with both a 88 and a 888 I would say that this is an excellent day for some media event, false event or other shenanigans. I’ve been correct on this stuff before. Also, look for what passes at the UN and congress tomorrow. What will the lords(archons) of gematria bring us tomorrow?

Had some Rain on the left coast. I would have expected my geiger counter to shoot up(Fukashima and whatnot) but it actually lowered the count around here. Hmm…..


The first bankers were the priests…if you believe our Sumerian tablets………nothing has changed….has it?


E=MCSquared. How does that formula work in a vacuum if M is mass and they is no mass in a vacuum? Just a thought experiment..really.


Some thoughts based on the Abyss research here. : Solar(Sun) plexus Chakra: the Sun is lower in your personal universe then the Heart chakra….and the Heart  is an anagram of earth. The sky is the abyss(hell) as described by other articles at Truth Real Quick.

Sun worship and solar centric models by definition would be a lower consciousness then Earth centric models of the universe or Heart/Earth spirituality. Just a thought.
IF the Earth is Higher in the universe than the Sun than are we really looking up when we look at the sky? Just a thought.

More Ayn Rand stuff: The hero in the Fountainhead made skyscrapers and the Hero in Atlas Shrugged made Free energy Devices from the Atmosphere. NOW: there is alot of talk about the energy harvesting of skyscrapers from the sky. I think it was a hint myself. In fact any steeple, temple or government building is sending some sort of energy to the sky, if you look for it.

For those of you wishing to see what is assimilating you right now check this out. HERE

Enjoy your cell phones while you mostly aren’t assimilated.