I personally know a bunch of people using the eclipse as some sort of personal transformation day. From all walks of life. Its sort of the great American Holiday and spiritual retreat all in one. I have been invited to at least 3 retreats…..to different hi energy areas. We here at TRQ are not so excited about it. Others are treating it as some ascension day.

Now what is  8/21/2017 in Gematria? 8+21+20+17= 66!! The number of the Qlipoth(tree of death). The Abyss.Coincidence?  Considering Crrow777s fairly solid research on the moon being “false”……and eclipses being a construct. Which I agree.

The Abyss has been covered here in previous articles…including “Satellite Facts”, most other articles and the SageSigma Interview. It is the religion of this planet if you really break it down.

What I can tell you from a electromagnetic/scalar perspective is that there will be much effects in ‘gravity’, scalar waves and stuff happens with the electricity on the planet. A great day for hi magic and with the numerology of the day being 66…..I would say “they” have some interesting intents and downloads from us. Many spiritual people will be opening themselves up and taking the download.  Don’t be swimming in any water…by the way.

All we can really do about this ‘natural’ event is too be aware and make sure nothing external is being introduced into our body, mind and soul. For those that dowse and muscle test see what you come up with. I am being very careful myself. I think its a download from the “matrix” myself……and not a good one. We’ll have to see. It sure does look like the black sun though doesn’t it…and you should know about that symbolism by now.

UPDATE: This is relevant for the previous 8/8/8 article too.

88 is Trump….as described in much of the Gematria world. 8/21 is the eclipse. Just so happens 218 is Trump. In other parts of the world 21/8 is how you would express that day. A better description of 218= Trump is on this video HERE . Great little channel by the way.