Los Angeles( Angius= dragon/serpent) The city of dragons/serpents is a place devoid of all humanity. Any cruelty or crime is acceptable as long as it doesn’t go against the system and you have the mone. Want to evict little old ladies from there apartments…..who do pay there rent. No problem. Any sort of parasitic behavior is not only accepted but rewarded. Predatory sex is encouraged If you got money anything goes…and the people of the world pay for their bad habits. Even the good people there are severed from anything true in this world. I now. I “lived” there. Some how Americans(Amur= venus= Lucifer) have normalized and worshiped/warshiped this place as something worth spending money, time and soul energy on. Everything is a lie there and ya’all believe it..at least some of it.

In the modern occult and truther research The black goo has come up quiet a bit. A binary/artificial intelligence field unnatural to this plane”t”. It sucks all compassion and humanity out of your energy fields. It is predatory. Scientist Kautz Vella has much to say on the subject…its history…and the heartless humans that have worshiped black oil schist stones in the past( Nazi’s are one of them). Honestly I can’t validate any of it….but an interesting idea. It would look alot like crude oil but would react to magnetic fields in unusual ways. It is hinted at in countless music videos(Lady Gaga), and movies

I had remembered a while ago that right in the middle  of Los Angeles is the La Brea(the pitch) Tar Pits….and here and there some random Oil rigs. Black goo of some sort.


What I didn’t know is the whole friggin place is an oil field. I lived over the one by Echo Park. It looks like around 1900 the place was going full steam…from ocean to horizon. A truly ugly archonic looking place….as these photos will show you. It is claimed it still is going strong……hidden in buildings, and sculptures.


If the Black Goo concept had any validity and you wished to create a heartless demonic civilization and export that civilization to every culture on the planet…then Hollywood/LA would obviously be a prime place. Coincidence? If it is its a real good one no? Anyway enjoy your culture creation from binary scalar fields consciousness……

If it is a baseless concept then the whole place at least….has probably the most poisonous soil on the planet. Buildings need methane monitors and abatement systems …so the research says. Living there you would never know what you live over. Do the millions of people know they live on an active oil well? Would you?



Some more photos of the 3000 urban oil wells. I lived on an oil field on the hollywood and east side. GREAT!!!!

This oil well finder site has a disclamer saying we can mess with your computer if you access this. Nice terms of use. HERE

Oh there is urban fracking: HERE . So your entire world culture, all the health guru’s exporting NONSENSE…..and  are completely polluted..with heavy metals, bad karma, and possible demonic oil vibrations. fantastic. Turn your TV, Radio, Corporate music and other advertising OFF.

Here is a quick vid. I love the soundtrack…ye ha!! HERE