LINK Harvest your voice

Mozilla is harvesting voices for what? Well they are selling it under the banner of going against the big guys who are developing voice recognition…and assisting an open source version. Well I call BS on that. They …like most big data companies are selling, modeling and recreating every aspect of everybody. You do know you have a simulation running of you in computers by now? Is it going to be used to assist you and your soul or is it going to be used to clamp down on your life, model your soul even more and ultimately give you no chance of getting out of here? Sure your toaster will recognize your voice and give you great toast…but uhm……….well………never mind I can’t even comment on that. Stop volunteering for your slavery. It may matter not only in this life but whatever comes after this.


So…look at these lovely pictures of Sedona…….the beautiful natural erosion….that makes up the majesty of …….kidding. Its not Sedona(actually one is). This is an area in Sierra Nevadas I found on line that is purely the product of water cannon mining. So what? Well…its interesting in the fact that …..that video “NO trees on flat earth”……relied heavily on the concept of much of our “natural wonders” being actually remanants of ancient strip mining of ground and forest. Much of the Sierra Nevada’s have trees no older then 40-70 years old. These things live 500 to many 1000’s of years and they get big. Anyway….just thought it was interesting how much the strip mining looks like the lovely sedona and grand canyon. Many areas of Seirra Nevada’s have a shape caused by the massive amount of mining…..whole mountains were washed away and many natural hills are not. While I cannot really conjecture about giant silica trees….I can say that there is at least some validity to the concept of Terra forming or Terra deforming via the industries in the past.


DIANA in the Abyss?

Some of the previous articles here have focused or discussed 66. Its the Qlipoth/Abyss …..the waters above the earth and a type of hell, demonic realm or archonic dimension. It is defacto the major religion of this planet. I came across this Harod’s memorial of Princess Diana and Dodi made years ago. Very interesting. Its a pyramid with this sort of double funnel shape(dimensional portal) in the middle. Looks a lot like modern orgonite. What caught my eye is there pictures are framed in a very obvious 66 with an implied 666. I really don’t know exactly what it does but I’ve played around energy devices enough to know this was made to do something. It was made by a friend of Dodi’s so not exactly sure what he’s saying about his “friends”…but sure is a weird tribute.


Over here in UFO land: I have noticed when I tune my guitar to 528 Solfegio I get nothing. I have notice consistently when I tune to 432hz that alot more weirdness happens. Maybe its a coincidence……..but man its pretty consistent. I have no theory on this at all….its just a fun little observation.


Anybody else noticing the cell phone zombies going down hard recently. Its like watching a bunch of shells running around.