About 7 months ago…..I did  a short blurb about Prince Reibus being new prince of darkness(literally) AND it included a blurb about the real leader of the country Always being the vice president(or at least a higher general in the army of darkness).

See here http://wp.me/p7HkBR-hN

Coincidently on David Ickes channel there is an article of a motion to impeach Donald Trump. LINK HERE . The cute photo satire is obviously refering to exactly what I was refering to. Pence being the main manager of the US corporation and TRUMP being a trump card.


A great example of this is Ronald Reagan ACTOR….BUSH Senior…..the real deal and ex CIA head.

Also Lots of fires everywhere……..can anybody say Fire Sacrifice? Possibly for the Eclipse. Very strange if you ask me.


Too many people I know are going down…and going down hard. Violent pre-programmed thoughts…total loss of previous values over night and very robotic vocal responses. What is the cause of this……..cell phones.

It is also amazing…I can no longer walk in any part of nature with out having some ridiculous person using a cell phone…..I don’t mean…parks…I mean real actual forest. The absolute least attractive look a woman can have is walking around with there hand raised ……keeping looking at that thing(portable archon) while doing EVERYTHING.

The zombie apocolypse……came and went and nobody noticed. Seriously..if you have any plans of getting out of this place and not having your soul put into a computer via quantum entanglement …then you may wish to start OBSERVING….real quick. Sounds weird but science magazines are offering eternal life doing exactly this….so unless something positive happens in the near future you probably won’t even think to say NO THANK YOU.  5G or 77 777 is coming soon to a microwave attacked society near you. Revoke your consent please!!!