Weakly because this will be super short… 🙂

1: First time in a while I noticed no “satellites” or shooting stars or planes or anything in the sky. Its been a freeway and always is. But nothing. It was July 4th and I was playing my guitar under the “stars”. Lots of people looking up on that night that wouldn’t be normally looking up!! Coincidence??

2:If your sensitive…….very wobbly and alot of noise in the “ether” this week ……what do think is going on?

3: HOME DEPOT CAMERAS: I was some tools off a shelf on home depot. There is a miniscreen there with my image on it and a little alarm…saying you are being recorded. Awkward. I finished with my purchases. And leave very flustered. Not because of the recording..which is weird but because of my interaction with the employees. One of the checkers I mentioned that I felt my “customer experience was negative due to the camera, alarm and recording sign”. I said it in a kind, no-make wrong way…stating I am just giving feedback on my shopping experience which was CREEPY. The first lady was offended that I even mentioned it and told me it was just a fact of life and infant it wasn’t’ creepy. I thanked her for being honest and letting me know she did not care about my customer experience. She went red and stormed off.

Another teller came up to me(which was African american) and much more compassionate…….made some attempt to say why that policy was in place…which I agreed they have the right to protect themselves from criminals….but that I wasn’t a criminal, wasn’t doing anything other than purchasing stuff and that I felt it wasn’t’ unreasonable to mention that my shopping experience was a bit creepy….without being shamed by employees for mentioning that. He acknowledged that. I mention the race as to put forth that maybe as an African american he is all to familiar with being treated as a criminal before any crime has been committed…while the privileged cell phone armed white middle class lady thinks she isn’t the criminal….and is perfectly happy to assist the creation of the creepy amusement park Gulag we find ourselves in.

The same week I had mentioned to a teller that was shaming me for using Cash at another hardware store that electronic money was creepy. This teller got very defensive…..which I kindly said…in a few years you will see.

Anyway…..the normalization of Orwelian vibrations in america and the shaming of even mentioning that it might be disagreeable in some way….is here. The normal people are the gatekeepers now…maybe always have been. Are you a gate keeper?