Been super busy with life and those darn green things growing fast. Rest assured, it has not been any less weird in my universe.

Its UFO season where I live..woo hoo. I have got some night time monoculars…….that has been super fun. I have caught one “satellite” dropping another Satellite and the dropped one racing off. Unfortunately, Not figured out if they is any way my cameras can get anything useful out of it. Great way to spend the night……UFO’s or whatever they are……….instead of …..TV and Video games.

So some weird thoughts for the day.


1.The masonic apron.  You wear an apron when your slicing up your food in the kitchen NO? Or cooking. Either way creep symbolism.

2.I wanted to do more on this topic but I’ll put this out here now. Yoga, as it is given in the west most likely was distilled by Mr. Crowley and is NOT a eastern tradition. It is not for health… its main intent. It is infact used to invoke entities and increase magic prowess.
Whatever was its true spiritual mission in the east is…it has  had been removed here.
I am not saying it has to be a practice that strengthens the ego, the other and entity magic…just sayin thats what 99% of it is doing in the states. Just sayin.

Unfortunately, It is now my research that much of the native american/indigenous culture had been co-opted by masonic/mystery school stuff. Whether that is bad or a good thing is another matter…please keep in mind what you are getting is NOT THE REAL DEAL. What happened to the original wisdom maybe lost in time or possibly hidden within a small faction of indigenous…I will never know about.
I will say that I …did get one of their libraries/knowledge handed to me(the original) and me going around and even mention that to the indigenous on the left coast just makes most scatter. Truely scared. To make matters worse I have offered it freely to any that are still truely wish to connect. You would figure that anybody making such a claim they would refute, be interested in what I know……test it, go to the places(their places they forgot about by the way) I suggest….and see what comes up or tell me go away outsider!!!! Instead, Scared and confused. Curious reaction. I have tested this with Male and female indigenous all over the pacific……..and same reaction. It is strange to say the least saying.
That said…I love the idea of the ancient wisdoms seperate from Egyptian/masonic/mystery school stuff and truely hope it exists somewhere…but so far I find misrepresentation, hi level masons and allot of new age. . Certainly not blaming anybody either. I just don’t see the value in mixing a natural land of he turtle spirituality and this mystery school stuff. See my standing rock articles.
Something has been lost and they (currently) don’t want it back. Just my opinion based on talking to some wisdom keepers etc.

Weird photo section.

Huge Black Stealthbomber THING flying over our farm. Always a lovely day walking through the forest with black helicopter..too. The red copter just because.

I have never really got orb photos on “The Sacred Mountain”. Never at the meadow. Camped somewhere different on solstice and got these in the forest. This is with my full spectrum camera. Sorta like little comets.

These are barium clouds from spray. They are rainbow but some reason my hi quality camera doesn’t pick up the iridescence very well. Some reason cheaper cameras are better for this. You’ll have to click on some of the pictures and blow them up. Dozens of little orbs, triangles and other shapes. Thats the secret really….take photos when its healthy weather…nothing….take it when its fake clouds and its easy….though you usually have to boost the blacks to see anything useful.  Not sure if they are sky junk, radiosonde monitoring systems, “ufo/tech” or what.


Sacred Mountain: First pick was where this endless row of lights(all night) was going up and down during solstice….climbers or cold ritualists? 3rd photo has an object at the top….I was excited but I would say its a bug…..darn!!