One of the recent Higher Side Chats featured a Mr. Skinner a “Ceremonial Magician” historian, philosopher, scholar and practitioner.

I was so concerned with this episode I decided to comment on it.

For the record, I have no beef with Carl nor would I say anything negative about his show. Its been a decent interview style ‘truther’ show…and probably better than most. So instead of name calling, calling a guy a shill, deaming his work or whatever nonsense is now happening in the truther world….I’ll show you how its done. The ideas presented by Skinner and to some extent Carl…I will say “I DISAGREE”. There done and simple.

One glaring error(or deception by Mr. Skinner and not really refuted by Carl(the shows creator)……is this. They are implying the only way to do true magic is to BIND SPIRITS and have them do you will good or bad. I do agree this works and works well…up to a certain point. But this is very very very false… well.

You are the spiritual energy that makes this place work at all. You are the battery. The Binding Spirits are parasites and have no real power. Ritual, sacrifice and people’s energy is used for manifestation in the Ceremonial Magic. You are once again dependent on a higher-archal system of control to do anything decent on this planet if you follow that logic. The entities are you would be playing with are demons for the most part and will for the most part make the majority of the practitioners quiet SICK.

And this is the problem. You were born and had stripped away from you your own DIVINE MAGIC. For the most part you are doing it every day..but with programming, subliminals and wernick commands your are having your own manifestation removed from your consciousness. I see it. I have pointed it out to most people…and the FREAK OUT and deny they did it. Its mostly becoming aware of what you are already doing.

So the formula is quiet simple

  1. Convince a soul that they are meat and have no power. “EDUCATION”
  2. Make them dependent an external(and hidden parasitic) magic power
  3. Any actual manifestation you do erase from your consciousness immediately

Again. I have tested this for myself…shown others…and proven beyond any shadow of a doubt entity magic is BLACK MAGICK and true divine manifestation is of a different sort.

One of the biggest differences when performing “Miracles” is that the universe is assisting you and you

get things you dont’ expect in better ways you wouldn’t imagine. You have to so aware to the subtle differences that happen. No flashy entity will appear BUT for some reason subtly amazing things will open up for you. Sometimes you can see stuff happening too. Its more organic, more subtle, more lasting and some times huger than this black magick crap. When performing miracles you dont’ actually do anything. Its more zero point than that. You dont’ have to use your energy or the energy of others. Things just sorta happen. More organic too. Try to heal your friends foot and for some reason your girlfriend and you get along better…and sometimes the foot gets better too.

For those that are true and divine there are also limits. If you really aren’t supposed to be doing that thing at that time then it won’t work. The universe will protect you in that way. If you wish to go past it, do your selfish will and use Cermonial Magic well then…you can do that too…but heavy price.

To be honest all Ceremonial Magic Grimiores have passages in them to get you possessed. Thats the real point and the conjob. I have read them and find it in all of them so far. Koeting even admits it and encourages it. Many others magicians will admit this too. They are just collecting souls in their pouch for the archons…nothing more.

Besides is it even ethical to bind a spirit…….its a form of enslavement after all…even if its a demon is that cool? You are sort of giving permission for them to enslave you are you not? Are we looking at freedom to get your power back or a curse that will have to be paid back later?

If you want to know how to do the exact opposite of cermonial(black) magick…look for the science of miracles book or just learn TWO POINT. The art of doing nothing to get a job done. The exact opposite.

I dont’ necessarily recommend doing the money course or the guy in particular just some of the ideas are very profound…..simple and CLEAN.

In short the more you can tune into your highest true self, source energy, zero point energy, the art of doing no action and have clean intent that does not violate universal law…then you don’t have to do anything really.

Abyss magic that will parasite off you or your own true divine manifestation true-er ends that invigorates without harvesting others energies. Choice is yours.

What say you Carl?

PS: These people who convince people to play with this stuff….well….the people unwittingly do…and have to go to a person like me…and its VERY TOUGH getting them back up an running. Mangled. No Joke.