This was a letter I was going to write to Crrow777. Not to refute him because he is wrong but to add to the perspective because there are definetly exception to his rule…at least from my experience. In the end I think its a good perspective but not a hardfast rule.

“Anything that can be photographed will be photographed”. This is a quote often used by Crrow77(who I listen to fairly often) in discounting the existence of phenomena that has NOT BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED to any serious degree. Big foot and cryptids would be an example. See my Big Foot article here.

In general this might be a good rule of thumb but watching how people deal with anomalous photos might shed light into how weird photos don’t make it to face book.

For one thing….much weird phenomena doesn’t necessarily make it to the visual light spectrum. Many people THINK they don’t use there third eye but in actuality, though it may weak, it still may be working some what. Much phenomena probably could be photographed if we had military grade IR without the suspicious bands filtered out.

Wernick commands: A type of subliminal command designed to not have you recognize, look at or do anything out of your programming. Phenomena witnessed would trigger some mind control to erase it from your consciousness. Photos would be dismissed as it wouldn’t be recognized as phenomena and then erased or ignored. Infact this guy who filmed the lunar wave ALMOST did that and he had quite a bit less programming than the average folk :). In short the programming is so intense that anybody who takes a weird photo is going to avoid publishing it like the plague. I have witnessed groups of people see some amazingly large weird glowing orbs…as bright as the moon fly over head and they all robotically said…thats a satellite( it flew by almost full moon and was ¼ the size). The power of subliminal programming would explain a lot. I literally have pointed out and proven to individuals a phenomena that is right in there face. The anger, confusions and the mental gymnastics the humans use to erase the quite obvious phenomena is staggering. The fact is you do see phenomena every day….and your brain erases it with the filters, programming and subliminal programming you’ve been assaulted with. This is not theory…I have tested this…repeatedly.

I have been witness to full military manuevers in east LA effecting 100,000’s of people and not a peep of it it the news, internet, social media sites. No photos. This is in 2012.

I don’t except explanations for anything by any humans any more…….for or against phenomena(though I do listen to them)…….nonsense is piled on all phenomena but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist …

I have seen “criptids” several times and I get the feeling if I had a full IR camera and got anything in the image it WOULD NOT have been the shape my eyes saw..and would have been more “energetic” looking. There is a big foot article on this blog…but I know they wouldn’t be filmable with a normal camera….nor not sure what shape the camera would pick up.

Belief is the enemy of knowing for sure…..I only report what i’ve seen and I’ve seen plenty of weird. Can’t put much of a story to much of it….and I try not too…but you don’t live in a Newtonian universe you live in a spiritual/psychic one. The fact our technology erases abilities doesn’t mean this place is as solid as described by the occult/satanic/scientists want you to believe.

If person erases their programming and they might notice a WHOLE LOT MORE.