The other article was getting to long for how we roll around here. So. This is some of the gematria and “COINCIDENCES” I would add as evidence/proof that Ayn Rand is a LIFE TIME ACTOR….or fictional character of the system…or at the very least a weaponized lady.

I’m not really going to edit this and if the last one was boring than this one will be WORSE. I promise….strange photos are coming up….the light stuff :).

Ayn Rand in 1925 THe fictitious occult character of Ayn Rand. I cover this because she was one of my hero’s when I was younger. Objectivism was my thing.
Born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum
February 2, 1905
St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died March 6, 1982 (aged 77)  77 is OZ/ZION the mind weapon. Heavy in Crowley stuff
New York, New York, U.S.
Resting place Kensico Cemetery
Valhalla, New York, U.S.  (VALHALLA….REALLY??…O JEEZE)
Pen name Ayn Rand
Occupation Writer
Language English
Ethnicity Russian Jewish
Citizenship 1905–22 Russian Empire 22 is alot like her birthday 2/2
1922–31 Soviet Union
1931–82 United States
Alma mater Petrograd State University (diploma in history, 1924) Gematria is 161 alot like her play night of January 16 which is 1/16 or 16/1
Period 1934–1982
Subject Philosophy
Notable works The Fountainhead
Atlas Shrugged
Notable awards Prometheus Award Hall of Fame inductee in 1987 (for Anthem) and co-inaugural inductee in 1983 (for Atlas Shrugged). PROMETHEUS is ATlas is LUCIFER
Spouse Frank O’Connor (m. 1929; d. 1979)
died 911 numerology married 1929 or 1911 numeroloty
Rediculous story about a “chance” meeting of Cecil b Demill. became a screen writer. became citizen on 3/3 1931 alot of 33 131 if you cast out nines. RKO studios
ayn rand in normal gematria is 77 just so happens thats how old she was when she died.
Barried in Vahlhala New York. NO COMMENT.
She recieved the Prometheus award…the occult version of Lucifer……....
ayn is 13 in gematria and rand is 19 the number of social engineering( SRI). Cecil b demil :Died at 77 too…… ……77 in the occult is OZ or liber 77 from aliester crowley. Very occult/magic number and found alot of social engineering numerology. Cecil b demil was known for Roman Orgy scenes and was a executive of Bank of America. A bankster. Hollywood is social engineering. Cecil is a creep. He is also very responsible for the main themes that hollywood still perpetrates today. Thus a main social engineer/elite/black magician. Cecil B. DeMille in reverse gematria is 77.
Night of January 16th, a play of here is 116…..sorta like 911 upsidedown.
just sayin.
Atlas Shrugged is 70(with s exception) and 74 in reversed reduced. 74 is a masonic/intelligence number
the Fountainhead is 70 and 74…a coincidence for sure. Alot of couincidence for some one who warships a totally objective reason based mechanical universe….and a total atheist. One might sort figure she was lying and new some kabbalistic gematria. So, while I don’t problems with groups at al…just evil in general I would say that she most probably was a kabbalist and comes from a russian jewish family so its not hard to imagine she’s practiced the sort kabbalism that would be from the darker arts of that belief system. It has been reported she was one of the Rothschild’s girlfriends…so that can’t be good.
The Prometheus Award is libertarian scienc efiction award and is very much a masonic….and other social enginering nonsense. Just another Luciferian award.
Cecil born on August 12, 1881 8/3 1881 or 11 99
hmm… just sayin.

Nathan Blumenthal 166 alot like 991 119. PS I met Nataniel Branden and he was demonically possessed for real. Whether he knew it or not I couldn’t tell you. All his past wives including the current last one had mentioned he was only a nice person in his later years. So much for benevolence through reason.
Nathaniel Branden 70
Leonard Peikoff 74 70 gematria
“I am john galt” is 47(the masonic/cia number)110 as well. “John Galt” is 33 as well and is the main character of atlas shrugged.
Ayn Rand Institute is 70.Its abreviated as ARI =19…which Rand, SRI and many other social engineering institutions have that gematria
Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum=303 alot like 33
Born on Jan 20(OLD STYLE) feb 2 modern calendar
Jan 20 is the start of abduction rituals for feb 2 candlemas/sabbat festival/imbole wiccan/occult holiday. Feb2 is 22 in our calendar a very big occult manifestation number.
Jan 20 is the Presidential masonic where our the head of the Us corporation is placed in a ceremony. No suprise there.
Died 3/6 1982= 3+6=9 1+9=1 8+2=1 or 911

The Malachim alphabet: Ayn is a letter of this Magic alphabet
The letter Ayn is a a square in that alphabet……Saturn?
Ayn Pronunciation of Ayn [ayn] as a girls’ name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ayn is “He (God) has favored me”. Ayn is a version of Anne (Hebrew): the English transcription of Hannah. Remember SHE CHOSE THAT NAME…
The letter name is derived from Proto-Semitic *?ayn- “eye”, and the Phoenician letter had an eye-shape, ultimately derived from the i?r hieroglyph
Rand means “SHIELD” no relation to Rothschild(red shield) I’m sure. Also BRINK or BANK…or Edge. BANK? So it could mean EYE SHIELD OR EYE BANK. Sorta like the pyramid on the dollar bill?
Alan Greenspan one of her students in the “collective” is a Rothschild banker oppressive satanist.
Church of Satan acknowledges her work.
When your look at the All seeing EYE your looking at the All seeing AYN
If you have ever worked in an innovative company its usually the lower ranks that are The ATLAS and the parasites at the top doing nothing but abuse and mind control
Its inverted what Ayn thought…but she hadn’t had a real job except in HOLLYWOOD. Seriously.
For how the ideas of rational elitism IS the occult go to the occult sciences channel at schism206 and see that science and scientism IS THE OCCULT…not against it…but is the same thing. Hidden of course.
Her sigil was the Dollar bill…a ancient black magick sigil and NOT a symbol for honest energy exchange. At her funeral….she was under a large gold dollar sign.
For more on false history I recommend some Miles Mathis….give you an idea how all western civilazation is a fabrication for your enslavement. while I disagree on some minor points….he has enough evidence to support most of his conclusions………..worth considering.

The Atlas Shrugged statue at rockefeller center was at done at 1937 191….sorta like 911 the casting of a spell.

Ayn Rand was on a TV show in the 70’s and was asked about the Illuminati…of which she pretended(not very well) to have never heard the term.
She did a interview with playboy…a psy-op.
She was a big proponent of hero warship/warship. It is mentioned that hero’s in the ancient world were sons of the serpent or the fallen angels and mankind.


So…did I present enough possible coincidences that we can now call SHINNANIGANS on Mrs Rand? which is by the way another 33.

Throw all your hero’s out the door unless they pass the test…unless its a non famous neighbor or something real like that.