So I wanted to address this topic. Ayn Rand and sort of tie this into the “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. I think if you get this you’ll be able to navigate the nonsense in the media, and quiet frankly the truth movement. But, this will be a “Good, Bad and the Ugly” of Ayn Rand and the whole Reason as an Absolute philosophy. Maybe you can see how this applies to all belief systems and our world in general. You get a little bit of good and a whole lot of mind control thrown in.

First, I would like to admit I WAS an admirer of Ayn Rand since…….hmm….late high school. 

She is of course very controversial. Reason, Logic, Egoic Selfishnes, the greatness of human kind and Atheism are some basics. I of course am grateful for any path I have chosen in the past…and can’t deny some benefit. I also have come to realized she is another “illumined” occult social engineer….which of course is not greatly discussed.

The benefits are simple. I came toward the end of hi school without knowing how to think critically, logically deduce and comprehend anything..though I came from a decent middle class high standards with very good grades. It was my first step and a big one from going from “educated zombie” to a person that could think. SORT OF.

Unfortunately…..what passes for her reason and critique of history is really false…whether intentional or not. Garbage in and Garbage out.. What your really have is agents of the system giving you agent of the system arguments…arguing against other “intellectuals”…..when pretty much everybody involved with her was either a spook, Rothschild or a secret society member.

Lets look at the suspicious:

Ayn Rand: The name is fake. Rand is very similar to the Rand CO. a major social engineering nonsense, Tavistock institution.

Gematria is 19 same as SRI and IRS. Interestingly “Ayn Rand Institute”is 19 and any institution that ends in the title of Institute is 99% chance a social engineering or intelligence organization. Institute is “code” for social engineering and intelligence. PERIOD.

Greenspan is a known satanist, Bohemian Grover(thus occult), and a chairman of the federal reserve(knights templar). Not a humanist atheist, humans rights advocate or a person of reason. He was in her inner circle for decades. He is SPECIFICALLY A TOTALITARIAN…supposedly something Ayn Rand was against.

I did learn a lot about economics from people like him and other libertarian style economists…if you did deeper they all are very tied into mystery school orgonaization…thus really not Humanist Atheist.

Nathaniel Branden: A self esteem psychologist …and notoriously her lover for decades. A later wife died in Beverly Hills…mysteriously found at the bottom of a pool ….hmmm. Beverly Hills is a sess pit or occult and the worst of society. He had a Nathaniel Branden Institute for years…another red flag. I met the guy and infact did a session with him when I was younger. Very creepy and to be honest he was full of demonic entities. He is known for not being a very nice person perhaps till his very last years. While a lot this self esteem stuff seems great…it doesn’t work and I knew a few border line psychopathic dark magicians into this guy. Very strange. Changed his name too.

Church of Satan says specifically they are Ayn Rand with some ritual added. Another social engineering institution.

Rothschild: It was reported the she was the mistress of one of the banking family…and all things considered how she showed admiration for the BANSKSTERs this is highly feasible.

HOLLYWOOD: She worked in hollywood. No respectable divine human would have anything to do with that occult/pedo industry. Period. However if your one of the dark Babylonian satanic kabbalistic this a great place to start your career.

ATLAS SHRUGGED: A homage to the supposed best of humanity. The ELITE INDUSTRIALISTS/Bankers. A SLAM TO THE MASSES. Ok…I liked this book when I was younger..but you know that the Elite are all 33 degree fremasons…thus kabbalistic magicians. This debunks her theories right here. While I have met many inovators…great thinkers……great artists of which she supposedly admired ….not one of them ran a company. Only the royals do. So this is misinformation at its best. Most of the great inventions in this world are made by PEOPLE IN THERE OWN GARAGE. If you look you will have seen most of the worlds problems have been SOLVED in a garage by one of the lowly masses. The great inventions have been bought and buried by the great industrialist. Atlas Shrugged is also rife with deep deep occult….Atlas being a very obvious reference..but it keeps going on there.

FOUNTAINHEAD: This is another occult reference having no place in an author supposedly an atheist.

I believe this is a homage to the DemiUrge the creator god of this world(but not the universe). Its also Lucifer. Sky scrapers are NOT THE PINNACLE of architectural achievement. Go look at the newearth channel on youtube if you want to see what has really been done. Sky scrapers are another homage to OSIRIS and his PENIS……..

HISTORY: She absolutely knew nothing about it. Any path into history from the reason perspective would have basically thrown it all out. Admired non of it. And thus would have had very different conclusions. Using any false history as a justification for writing about ethics, reason, philosophy and government is of course gonna give you garbage. LOGIC. She justified genocide against the native americans because they didn’t believe in property right. That is a Lie they did. Not all “tribes” but many considered they owned the land……signed treaties to protect them. Plus killing 100,000,000 million people his hardly LOGICAL or HUMANE. She claimed modern medicine raised life expectancy from the 30’s to the 70’s age. This is patently false. Anybody can go an find Natives living way beyond 100 with all there teeth…and it was only when western civilization came that the couldn’t live that way anymore. It goes on and on.

LOGIC. While keeping your left brain consistent and not flopping around aimlessly is a good displine…and does indeed assist one in presenting evidence…why does everybody who espouse it…….seem to be incapable of not being a liar or having severe self esteem issues. The reason is that is is a spiritual universe and logic is liberator but it is also a means of enslavement. You absolutely can know stuff without using your brain. Knowing is not proof. Knowing is knowing by OBSERVATION. Knowing is Intuitive. Take anybody out UFO watching who is left brain dominant and watch there heads roll around and make all sorts of illogical excuses as to why the HUMONGOUS orb is really a satellite and its turning is because of this or that. Again…..logically all you can say is that is an unrecognizable light……doesn’t fit our description of what should be in the sky…and leave it at that since you can’t OBSERVE ANYMORE.

Logic doesnt mean believing what NASA(NAZI) occultist tell you what is in the sky then justifying it.

Anyway LOGIC and consistent thought does have its uses….but watch and observe logic worshippers and they tend to be EVIL. There is a reason for that.

At this point we can probably conclude that reason, objectivism, science and Ayn Rand are social engineering garbage……..we can also conclude that almost all belief systems on this planet have been perverted to control your mind and soul. All of them.

What to do? Well……..find out whats true about the thing…and throw the rest out. A good lie stands on at least over 50% truth or its magic won’t work.

Some other things that are a perversion of the truth.

Communism: This is just weaponized rural sharing. Created by masonic, social engineering and other illumined folks. Sharing is natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Nor is working on a farm.

Capitalism: This is weaponized having the right to your own energy. Created by masonic, social engineering and other illumined folks. Keeping your own energy especially from vampires is not a crime. Being responsible for objects is not a crime either. Owning some buildings and being productive should’n’t be a crime but most likely is if you own a business..which is very difficult to do without incorporating slavery, class system and the social engineering horribleness called TAYLORISM.

Socialism: This is again weaponized cooperation. Cooperation is necessary. Cooperation is logically not created by laws…that is force.

Anarchy: this is weaponized desire for not having any elite running your spiritual life and community. It literally means NO LORDS….and lords are royalty. That is a good thing.

FASCISM: Weaponized Government by weaponized capitalists. Usually indistinguishable from weaponized communism or socialims…being they all come from the same dark kabbalistic,mystery school black magic elite.

Republicans: Weaponized middle class and rural christians. Good christians are not a problem……..weaponized christians are. Also there is nothing wrong with farms/farmers.

Democrats: Weaponized people against weaponized christians and weaponized capatalists who are now weaponized socialists….represented by cities…..which are weaponized villages that are very large. Cities are weapon. There is nothing wrong with being upset about weaponized christians(really satanists) but turning into a atheistic socialistic anti establishment is usually a form of satanism. I know I’ve know hundreds of nice socialist that are baby eating occultists as well. Sorry. Villages and smal towns are cool..but cities are of course a lifeless desert and a perversion of social organization which naturally occurs and doesn’t have to be forced.

Libertarian: Weaponized freedom….for the usage of creating criminals that can molest and creat e crimes as a part of freedom. Again a perversion of freedom. There is nothing wrong with having control over your life free from the ARCHONs the LORDS….and free from parasites. But most freedom is based on being able to be your own PARASITE free from consequences.

Thruther or Conspiracy theorist: This is also a perversion of just being a fully aware divine person that can see and observe truth and facts. At a lower level ..but still very important just a person that can identify inconsistencies in “facts” as presented to them.

Spiritual(or religious). I perversion of just being able to know on deeper levels truth. What is really there. Not what you are told but really being able to observe it. OBSERVATION PERFECTED…maybe. English language is terrible

ENGLISH: Anglo or Angel-sih. Angel is Angiure in Latin which means DRAGON, SERPENT.

So yes English is a Reptilian Language. CRAP. An obvious Perversion of being able to communicate with another sentient being.

While we are at it lets do some more weaponized terms.

Marriage: Weaponized agreement forming a golem(corporation) between two romantic partners…basically using a satanic contract with City of London. Its interesting that Christians would push Legal marriage since it is a Saturn(satanic) ritual. I am not sure what the divine version of this was but we have seen very little of it.

Transhumanist: Weaponized immortality and weaponized spiritual progression

Transgendered: Weaponized Alchemical concept where you have the spiritual ability to manage polarities. The main polarity is input(or observation) and output(action). It is weaponize into creating GMO, hormone lasted products and social engineering so a person has conflicting information from there bodies and thus wished to take hormonal or surgical measures to correct it. This should not be construde I am critical of any SOUL who wishes to express there sextuality in any divine manner between adults or wear any sort of artifical constructs called clothes of that artificial construct that represents artificial masculinity or artificial femininity. I am talking about socially engineered weaponized sexual identification of which straight people are completely in the grips of as well.

Science: Weaponized body of knowledge supposedly supported by repeatable experiments any body can do to confirm its repeatable. What we have is Occult Kabbalists performing Neutonian physics(another kabbalist) for the sole purpose to drill into your head there are only the 5 senses, make a ton of money, and make sure no real facts float upstream by the gatekeeping method of PEER REVIEW. In short its a system to make sure you know no physics, laws of the universe or any facts whatso ever. This is a perversion. Experiments and proofs are hidden, and generally made unavailable except to the RULING PRIEST CLASS of this RELIGION. It is faith based and not based on reason, logic or observation..thought that is how its sold.

Atheism: Weaponized rebellion or disavowing of religion as a form of truth. While not all atheist are bad…….generally its run by black magicians. Look at the Los Angeles Das Bunker Industrial satanic ritual in which the leading So-Cal Atheist institutions were involved. Atheist…also tend to be the most possessed because they can never remove things they don’t believe in. While I used to be an atheist…….it is in fact very very provably wrong…and not an accurate expression of reality. Most atheists I have met especially Randian ones tend to get into drugs, narcissistic and cruel behaviors. My favorite was a guy I knew that had problems not wanting to eat people, was into Brandon/Rand and Loved the Necronomicon. Oye vey.

Religion: Weaponized artificial connection with the universe and all that is. Keeps you from having “religious” “knowing god” or etc. Source, truth and the real reality steer clear of this undivine way of expressing your metaphysical self. Still a lot of good community, caring can come out of it. Unfortunately, all the dark satanists get assigned to churches…so you will have a dark vampire element in all of them as well. Sad but very very true.

Objectivism: Ayn Rands Philosohy organization. Lots of activity at Harvard….the elite illumined occult social engineering college. Really. Great snare for people who can think critically but can’t observe for themselves.

Mysticism: Usually a trap set up by the black magicians to snare those that figured out we don’t live in purely “scientism” based universe. True connections with source have been removed from this planet…but many of us can catch glimpse of it if we really DON”T TRY 🙂

In short…there is value ..somewhere in almost everything in this planet but also value in none of it if you don’t weed out the crap. Throwing out everything because the leader of the belief system east babies is no good either. THEY ALL EAT BABIES…either symbolically or otherwise. Learn to discern Truth and your gonna have to learn to look for it in the crap pile….and warship/worship NO ONE…not even yourself……….

COMING UP: The numerology and other boring notes on this topic.