you may know we do a little gematria here and there. Its( in my view) been proven that its being used to encode the media, history and indeed most of western civilization.

Since nearly every symbol, date, event, corporate name, media quote, historical place/name and/or word has been encoded with some meaning……I find it actually odd that no researcher has ever uncovered the guy, or group of numeroligists doing it. Ya know the guy(or group of guys) with stacks or notes, lines, graphs, cyphers, alot of computers to seamlessly tie in every bit of knowledge with every other bit of knowledge. We can surely see the groups using this encoding(the kabbalisticy mystery religions for instance)…but no actual guy(or gal) actually crunching the numbers. I think that is VERY ODD. We pretty much know the groups of families,  organizations, occult brother hoods and other illuminates doing much of the nonsense on this plane(t). We even have names of those at the top. We have defectors coming out outing tattling on who did what and when…..and even if they are lying they are popping out names. But nobody has ever outed the vast number of numerologists necessary to tie the gematria of this world together. Very very odd. No names of any person ever caught crunching the numbers.


So whats going on here? Have they kept the scholars who encode civilization hidden? Do we live in a virtual reality run by a machine? Is it all “god” doing it or mixture of men, entities and the divine? Or  something else?

This is a fairly new gematria site with cute little cut out graphics….its very far. A great plate to start if you want to see how encoded our reality is without having to spend to much time proving it to yourself.

zenith of alpha