So. Its finally spring  and stuff is growing and its warms …so basically….its been busy with plants and lifting and sticking stuff in the ground….and less so with writing these tiny articles..sorry……….

ON the plus side……its warmer and I am in UFO country(well lets call these SKY ANOMALIES) since UFO sort of implies Aliens …which I really can’t confirm or deny.

So wierdness #1. I was playing around with my computer. I have turned off via the motherboard any IR, BLUETOOTH. Disabled wireless and unplugged the ethernet and I can still send and receive Packets of Info from external IP addresses.  If you don’t know how this is possible then you probably don’t really know what  a computer really is or what the internet really is. I have corrected internet security guys on some stuff and got them to admit it was possible..but only after I worked through there there “thats stupid” programming….that all logic oriented people have for some reason. You can look for “air gapping a computer”..if you wish to research this.The issue is…of course anything with a computer chip can be airgapped…………anything. Don’t worry about it of course…just be aware. This stuff was designed with back doors for as long as there has been electrical circuit boards.

Weirdness #2: I was shopping at my local bargain grocery store that has actually alot of decent Organic food. I happened to the Organic coffee sections and low and behold they had a Rothschild’s brand organic coffee. I laughed very loud for a long time. I did say out loud….why are they charging any money for this……we paid for it already…LOL :). Anyway I muscle tested it…..No Bueno…for me at least. The name of the brand was Richard Rothschild I believe. RICH ROTHSCHILD….get it? Can’t make this stuff up………….

So a little Satire/Parody for ya…………I will make a little fake advertising meme for them. “Good morning, time to get a little black magic in ya!!” I’m kidding….sort of ….maybe not…no really I’m kidding.

Or another ” Its a dark roast…very dark” LOL. “Take your coffee black…like our magic”…Ok I’ll stop. Maybe the guys isn’t too bad…just has an unfortunate last name……

Weird 3: Ok so here is the latest sky anomalies.


  1. A quite distinct triangle space in the clouds. Even more distinct in person because the space is more 3d and obvious. People think of these as cloud ships(cloaked), sky beings. Another possibility is that its due to all  the scalar energy in the sky these days(which is by nature very 4D). What we can say is that clouds do not naturally form in straight lines…polygons or sacred geometry. I took quite alot of these…and many were more obvious but the photos being 2d didn’t quite bring out what the eye could see.
  2. DSCN1436

This one looked even weirder live. The head of the cloud was much further way and the tail was jetting quite a bit toward me. Its also too dark. Full Spectrum Camera.



Alot of orbs with a roof on the right and a bit of tree on the left. Zoom in to see them better. A ton of orbs all over the yard this day. Full Spectrum Camera.


Took the photo in smoke. Not a significant amount of more orbs than any other shot this evening. I have tried to duplicate orbs indoors/outdoors, smoke, water, throwing flower, in fog and rain…and nothing. I can consistently get “orbs” whatever they are around orgone devices….and known sacred spots/woo woo places. Never in my house either. But I have gotten them in other peoples houses.


This is moon recently 1st quarter waxing? Its a mirrorless camera SLR. There is no lens flare normally but when you do a very long exposure it looks like you get some sort of hidden lense flare…or maybe something else is going on. The top right image the moon had no visible clouds but with the exposure setting it picked up this mist or chem debri?

Bottom Right obvious the moon is fully lit with the right setting. If you think about it….I don’t think that its possible. If any light is reflecting off the earth and lighting the moon than I think the far edge of it would be pitch  black …but its pretty evenly lit though dim.


This is weird. I will assume this either a moon lense flair thing OR it was some sort of object in the sky. I will have to experiment with my mirrorless camera to see if I can duplicate this. Again…..this wasn’t visible without doing a 3 second exposure. Its two different photos as well. Get back to you on this stuff…still getting used to the new camera.

Anyway..this should tide you kids over for a week or so…till I get some articles up or something.