This American goes to a healer. He is complaining about headaches. The healer says he’ll see what he can do that evening and come back tomorrow. But explained miracles work in weird ways.

The next day……………

The American goes back to the healer and asks for his money back. He still had a headache. The healer knew(he is an intuitive ya know) that American just had a big business thing go through making him a lot of money, his daughter was nicer to him….he might have been happy about it but something was on his mind. He found some money in his pockets he thought he lost but forgot to notice. He wasn’t stuck in traffic going to work today…which was unusual….but forgot to notice. His wife wanted to go on vacation…to a place he was always dreaming of. He forgot about being angry at his brother. His mom called…the doctor says false alarm…she isn’t ill. His aching ankle….was mysteriously all better…..but didn’t notice. Infact hadn’t really noticed anything except he still had a headache…hadn’t noticed it was quite abit less painful….oddly.

The healer smiled(knowing the full story and feeling quite good a bit how it went)…. and gave the American his money back…….