So we’ll keep things light this time around……


I have a newer Piped Orgone contraption….and I usually take photos around those things…because there is a ton of Orbs. So tonight it I was not disappointed. I took about 15 photos in a minute or so and each on had some. This some of the better ones I got. I don’t get sky critters.

If your new here. I usually wander outside which happens to be a couple of ley lines, a ancient village and forest… you get…lots of sky critters…especially around the Orgone contraptions with pipes. The camera is a full spectrum and I use a flash. DSCN1417

Is it the Phae? or a normal 3d critter? Dunno


There is usually alot if you can boost the exposure up. The really bright thing on the lower left is a reflection of the flash. Not a critter. The rest are critters.


Pipe, sky and two very solid looking ones.


Pip, Sky and another very solid one.


Same one as above but zoomed in. I added some black to bring out the shape/texture. Odd no?


Another one with some shape and texture.


Anyway…more to come as I take more night photos…in UFO/Phenomena forest.