So I have been to local city council meetings to battle this nonsense. It appears to be a real “conspiracy”.  It appears when its rolled out it will be done.. I”m not worried about it…I’ll probably figure something out because I am aware..but it might require me moving to the Himalaya or something. I’ve already survived this technology being turned on to the general population as a weapon Twice. Once in SO-cal and once in Washington state. It really sucks. Again….we probably can figure something out but they are defacto installing microwave weapons on every street corner very soon. If you agree to this than you most likely are committing a sort of accelerated assisted suicide. At least someone told you who knows. I did farm in an area swarming with military intelligence-retired. I did my research. Notice NO “conspiracy” researchers are drawing attention to this…focusing on the flat earth and the Katie Perry Occult Symbolism. All fine…but ….

So enjoy your 5g your cell, quicker downloads and your Internet of Things..and pray they don’t turn it on the way they probably will.  Please notice the quality of human interaction since cells rolled  out. Remember that it was different? There will be no place on earth that you can get away from it…coming real soon……..

Check this article out HERE .

You may still have a chance to talk to the planning committee in your city…which we did and we did (for now) stop a certain amount of the install.