Mentioned in my SageSigmaUnbound Article  very briefly is something I call the “Failure of 5 or 6 rule” It could be the failure of the 6 or 7 rule or the 5-8 rule(no hidden occult meaning intended by the way). I have noticed nearly all researchers are trying to find the one “THING” that is screwing things up. Most researchers are now fighting with other researchers on exactly what that one thing is …and insisting throwing out the other less important factors as contributing to problem. This is incorrect..and a symptom of our diseased western thinking. I named it the 5 or 6 rule because thats the least amount of factors in failures/disease I have seen in any system.


A quote from my interview

 “Let me start with this; in my previous
occupation in Hollywierd accidents and accident prevention was a
huge concern. When I analyzed how these horrible accidents…
usually resulting in great personal injury happened…I noticed that
the performer(and safety crew) had made NO LESS than 5 or six
huge safety mistakes…usually perfectly timed. If they had omitted
any one of these mistakes the accident either wouldn’t have
happened or the safety crew could have put the fire out
immediately …so to speak.
I think you can apply this to most failures on this plane of
existence. Its very western to look for the key ingredient when its
usually a synergistic combination of many situations. So maybe I
just could call it this: the “failure of 5 or 6 rule”…….LOL.
So applying this to what I just said. There were many many aspects
of my life that contributed to this illness..which I think I have
identified most of them. “

I noticed researchers arguing for there focus point and insisting we throw out the other causes for the worlds dis-ease. A big one is throwing out Black magic as being relevant because its really all “intelligence”. So dismiss black magic as a relevant discussion because we proved they are all alphabet gang. Logical error. So we can argue its intelligence, the occult, the vatican, the english/german royalty, its the archons/demiurge, demons/satan/set, human weakness, social engineering/dustruction of traditional values,  or the bankingsters or as is fasionable the blaming the rich, the three abrahamic religions, the new age, the anti three abrahamic religions, technology/EMF, AI,  Annunaki/reptilians, corrupt polititians, the republicans/fascists, the left/commies, or SCIENT-ISM/Athiests. If you push one aspect as being the most important. you will be wrong and contributing to misinformation…which really most truthers do. The closest correct answer would naturally be ALL OF THE ABOVE. Seriously.

What we have here is the failure of the western mind grasp synergy between components to create a greater energy or in this case FAILURE.  This is the problem with Vitamins/Supplements….always looking for the “active ingredient” when its usually the whole plant and all of its enzymes, organic chemicals etc doing the trick.

Its a symptom of Duality Consciousness. In Duality consciousness you have a this or that …..NEVER BOTH. I’ll tell you a secret…its usually both.

This is the whole problem with western medicine……lets find the ONE germ and treat it with medication only. Its not just one germ or just germs and medication only won’t do anything….

This is the problem with all Truthers….at least most. Lets find one group demonize them and then demonize anybody that doesn’t focus soley on your research which only looks for the ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

There is no problem researching one aspect any issue….just be aware there are also synergetic factors that other researchers might have covered.

SO HERE IS WHAT TO DO. If you are looking for truth and have really good evidence for one of the factors of a problem. Start looking for the other five. See what you find.

If you are looking for truth and a bunch of people giving good research(and some reason to consider their viewpoint) on there main cause for a problem then assume its ALL OF THEM……to some extent.


When given two choices…play with the idea its both….till you have good reason to throw one out completely…because no aspect of it is true.

Religion vs Science..which is incorrect?BOTH. Which is healthy for you…well Real True Relationship with the Multidimensional universe and its intelligences(True spirituality) using both hemispheres and your heart…and real truth with testable repeatable results(TRUE SCIENCE) using both hemispheres and your heart.

Round Earth or Flat. Assume its both till somebody can actually can prove any of it.

Left brain vs right brain. Both can get to truth…one has direct access one has to use steps through time. Both are useful. Both are a problem too.

The occultists dislike Patriarchal religions and The Religions dislike the occult each blaming each for each others ills…..who is correct and who is ultimately not here to assist us humans that are less than ELITE. BOTH.

Anyway Try to look for the 5 or 6 active ingredients at least and when confront with a choice. Play with the idea of it being both,too. Maybe some of the real core truth that encompasses all factors will come out of your research. Ignore those who insist that you focus on one thing…and dismiss all other factors.


The only “possible” over arch-ing(pun intended) factor that all  “failure of 5 or 6’s” might have is a lack of consciousness or awareness about some facet of reality. The bad guy list I made in the article…..does that work for them? I think it does. Empathy is an aspect of awareness and you cannot become enlightened being without it. You are lacking an ability. Therefore you cannot have mastered or ascended to anything if you had to get rid of that. You became less able. Interesting, No?


UPDATE: When presented with two choices(duality or binary)…look for the third(trinary) the hidden choice  When there are two warring factions look for a third factions creating it.  So this rule might be called “MORE THAN BOTH”.