Real Quick: Youtube is now the newest version of reality TV Shows…especially the Truther “movement”. There are several confirmed accounts of researchers(actors) being propped up, paid to start channels and then creating a reality TV show based vibration. In short its about advertising dollars. Like regular reality TV show…..they create fictional “real” people…with fictional conflict …….sell it as real…and get the advertising revenue. Think of it as the latest day time soap opera…but people believe its really happening.

Shill term is often used and misused and it gives the wrong impression……that its some sort of intelligence agency primarily doing it. That misleading. Its the Hollywood…..but a new form of it.

I will not name names…because thats not the point.

The comments section……..perpetuates and develops interest in Β the “SHOW” having fictitious inflammatory comments generated by algorithms, YouTube’s own AI, and actors. Real people get draw in of course..because they think its REAL. its not…at least not the majority of it.

Some obvious signs to look for in the research/truther movement:

  1. the researcher(or movement) has alot of good information at first……then it sort of levels off…..and it becomes more about the drama. no real new information comes out after a year or so.
  2. instead of giving you information to consider it is more about demonizing other researchers….and anybody deviating from there “enlightened” view point.
  3. the cult of personality
  4. much of their focus is on demonizing people(the 99%) instead of providing solutions/information about the trillianares(and possibly archons) who run the whole show.
  5. nobody is talking about the 5g being installed EVERYWHERE. Total band enslavement and its pretty much ignored as if its not happening. while i’m not in fear of it……I think the vibration of this planet for most will plummet. I bring this up because you can go to the city planing commission and say no…and most will slow there installment of this crud. Something that everybody can do…and will matter.
  6. The researcher spending too much time addressing the negative comments and harassment on his channel….instead of just disabling the comments…etc. Remember its not about the info its about the controversy.

There are real people getting annoyed and harassed of course but for the most part any legit researcher that the google algorithms wants gone just shuts the channel down…….you never hear about it.

Enjoy your new version of Hollywood……pawned off as reality based info.

ALSO: There is some real info even in the TV shows…but you got to pay attention to maybe the first month of it and forget the rest….and probably half to throw out about 70% of it.

ALSO ALSO: This is doubly true for MainStream and Alternative Media now. Welcome to the lamest show on earth. Always