I’ve been putting off talking about this hot button of a topic. In fact I won’t even name it. I really don’t wish the creep show from either camps doing searches and being a part of this conversation. There will be no tags suggesting the subject. If only one person reads this GREAT. I have written several long rants about the whole subject(and failed to print it because of how insane people act discussing it) and how instead of pursuit of true knowledge we get a Youtube reality TV show(no joke).

Yes I’m going to  talk about the shape of the dirt under you feet on a grand scale.

If its not observable or testable its faith based religion..and most science is that. Most Religions is not spiritual.

So lets do some real “science” and see if we can observe anything of value with a normal camera and a rather large lake. 10X20miles approximately. Enough to play with the idea of curve on a water or lack thereof. I will state my conclusions but the title says it all.

First off the formula used by engineers for the how our dirt is curved is this MilesXMilesX8= inches. Divide inches by 12 you get feet. example. from 10 miles away. you get 800inches(10X10X8) divided by 12 gives you 66.66 inches(the abyss number?). You have to subtract for eye height of course. Easiest way to do that is use one of the many curve calculators with eye height compensation.calculator So if you eyes are 5.8 feet off the ground it would now be 33.15(another wierd occult number oddly). In other words at 10 miles you can’t see anything that isn’t over 33.15 feet tall if your eyes are 5.8 off the water. Clear?

So at 18.5 miles..225 feet. I took pictures 5( dock laying down) feet off the water165 feet of shoreline invisible. 10.5 feet off the water(standing up)then 140 feet invisble and 30 feet off the water(nearby view point)92 feet shoreline hidden.. Pretty much the same location.

So you see no shoreline should be visible at all in any of my photos except when specifically stated. So what do you see?

Ok..this is the south side taken from the the south side…100’s of feet on a hill. Its a couple of miles away. Math  says you should see the shore line…nothing hidden. What do you see? I see things as you would expect.

Ok these are laying down on on the dock. All photos are within the range of 10.5-18.5 miles so In some cases 35 to 165 feet invisible of the shore line. What do you see? Look first then read on.

Honestly its hard to tell. It doesn’t look like too much is missing but  the shore looks invisible in some pictures. So it looks like there might be a slight curve but NOT 35-165 feet missing…but it could be a curve there. Later photos you can see why I say that.

Ok here is the same place but standing up. What do you see?

Well…it would have been better with a better zoom but I see some shore. From most angles. Shouldn’t be possible…especially on the south side…I was on the north west side. Except for the second to last I think technicall you should be able to see it as its only 7 miles..but just barely. Hmm. Oh click on the photos and see if you can zoom in on some of them…to see the barely visible white line of the snowy shore.

Ok…this is at 30 feet off the water. What do you see?

I see the shore plainly. And you shouldn’t. Even at 30 feet high 10.5 to 18.5 miles gives us 10 to 92 feet hidden.  I don’t see any thing hidden in any of it. Very interesting.

So I’m not going there. I’m not saying whats going on because I don’t know.

But we can hypothesize a couple of things.

  1. If this place is round we got the wrong formula…to hide something..possibly more land. Thus modern science is a fraud. thus we don’t really know much about this place we live
  2. It does seem like there could be a bit of curve…the higher up you go its more visible. Now over water..with heat there are refraction, mirage effects and atmosphere to contend with…that might explain it over any curve. One would really have to do this experiment on different day with different weather and temperature to see if the results were roughly similar or wildly different.
  3. If this place if flat then It does seem like you should see the shore better from lower eye level..BUT I really need to get a better telephoto…..

My initial conclusion is it seems in the past on the ocean I could see things too far. Now I did a photo document(since I have a good camera) and it still seems like I can see to far but it also seems like there might be a slight curve. Go figure. There are of course people who would endlessly debate some side of this..and frankly not interested. I observe stuff quite well thank you.

Science now tells us we live in a computer simulation and isn’t changing physics in a program as easy as pressing a button or writing a different algorithm? Or if its all done by a mystical creator why would it/he/she not be able to change the hologram whenever it wanted to. Why do we trust Newtonian Physics when Newton was Black Magician?  Why do we trust the plane people when some have been demonstrably shown to be part of some new type of reality show ..sponsored by Youtube….and flash the gang signs……turning all debate into the Jerry Springer Show? The whole thing is ridiculous. I can say if this place turns out ball-ish it will be the flatties who prove it because I don’t think science has proven anything ever. Thats how backwards the place we live in is.

Now what would be really interesting is if I did this again and it was super curvy…..then what?

PS: Again this is a photo experiment and I am not trying to prove anything just show what my camera found. Open your mind. If your flat then imagine yourself wrong and something else is going on. If your are round imagine its flat and imagine something you didn’t know might be going on as well. I know we don’t live where we think we do …but I still don’t know where we live.

PS: if you live by a lake large enough. use the calculator and use some reasoning to see if you should see the boats, shoreline etc. then you will know for yourself whats going on.

pps: Why does it matter? We need to find out where we are, what the date is, who we are and what our real purpose is. Otherwise we stay in the prison. Hint. You know none of these……yet. Another hint…it doesn’t matter enough for you to be evil about it however.