Ok…I was thinking to myself its 3/22 tomorrow better write a post about all the fake events that will be happening. Of course I am never sure but its pretty good date to choose.

Why…well 322 is big in the occult, numerology. Its the number Skull and Bones society. Skull and Bones is symbolic of the Templars…the pirates. 322 is also symbolic of the Qlipoth or the Abyss ..which is represented by W or vv(66 in hebrew) or 66. the abyss is defacto the main religion on this planet. 3X22 is 66.

Anyway, I didn’t announce anything and apparently I missed my chance to call out an obvious day…..so you’ll have to take my word for it. That said if you read my interview and other articles here about the abyss you know I know about this stuff.

Anyway Next big day to play with would be 3/27 or 3/30. After that look for 4/1, 4/4, 4/14 and of course 4/21-5/1 he Ba’al/Moloch child sacrifice holidays that have been going on for thousands of years.  Sit back and enjoy your completely synthetic reality created in part by the Demiurge/Azazel/Saturn and generous donations by the trillionaires and parasites everywhere!!!

I do not consent 😉