So, cruzing along the mountains this week I caught some interesting objects in our skies….of which there is no end of weird things in the sky around here..I caught some interesting  bits. No real idea what any of this is .. Most of the stuff I catch is pretty invisible unless I boost the blacks on my editor then stuff pops out of the powder blue skies. The only other editing there would be is cropping he picture so you can see the littletiny bits I catch. Thats it.DSC01176

A strange sphere shape coming out of a chem-trail.


A strange glowing cross in the sky. Generally invisible till I boost the black in the picture.


Crazy Lenticular cloud hanging over this mountain. I caught some interesting things near it. This is not zoomed in. Usually I have to hunt for little wierd things by zooming the picture in quite a bit.


I get these near invisible “disks” alot. This one is right over the Lenticular cloud and nest to a chemtrail.


Right over the lenticular cloud is this Orb thing and a shadowed object above it.


A white streaky thing in the sky. Don’t know what that would be.

Next article is pictures of the shore……that I shouldn’t be able to see.