Real quick…wanted to get this out. David(I don’t have a human soul) Rockerfeller has passed today. What is interesting is that Its Equinox today….it happened at 3:29 am(alot like 3:30am ..alot like 33). For those that don’t know…….Spring equinox has always been the first of the year…for most cultures…for centuries……our got jacked by some Gregorian dude and Julius. The Elite would still celebrate that as well. So David passed at age 101  on 1/1 by the True Calendar. Coincidence? HA. So I will assume he did not pass….and went to retirment island(antartica) or wherever these fake death people go.

11 and 11 are 22 the master number in the mystery(misery) schools. Anyway….I call shenanigans!!!

PS: When ever you see a person labeled as a philanthropist RUN. Its a Archonic/Satanic Inversion. Bankers aren’t here to help you I’m sorry….and its well documented the Rockefellers fund lots of social engineering crud that got us into  this mess.

On the off chance he did pass and doesn’t get to comeback(and hopefully gets a stern talking to to whoever is in charge of the universe)……then…well…yippy. And stay out!!

I douse he isn’t dead…so any other muscle testers dowsers can see what you get. Maybe they froze his body in a pre-death state and uploaded him to the cloud… they so much seem to be pushing to do………..