Some weird stuff I found this week.

Some weird photos I took…well today. First photo….Over cast sky….next i darkened it and it reveals some wierd dark shapes in the sky.

Plane with a very early star(venus?) very visible and oddly not circular.DSC01071 - Copy

Military plane with the very common small shadow ‘ship’ and a wierd little white light. DSC01072 - Copy

88 came up alot as a gematria number in Trump/Hillary Media Nightmare. Covered alot  here a TQH. Is this the original reference? 88 Is the number of constellations in modern times. Hmm……Alot of stuff in the occult is about the stars…………..

Richmond California has a place called Shields-Reid neighborhood.

Reid is red in Scottish. So that would be  red shield or Rothchilds(Knights Templar). Richmond I think is famous for business parks…..and run down neighbor hoods. I wonder what goes on there?



Jesus fish(ICHTHYS):Jesus fish is of course a side version of the vesca pisces and oddly an EYE. It is also very similar to the alpha symbol or the beginning. Beginning of what……i don’t know but one would hope that the coming of the prophet or(profit) would have made a more peaceful beautiful people and plane(t). The last 2000 years have been a mind rape and blood bath. Darn. Blame the Saturnia…I guess……..
Interestingly enough if you look at the alpha symbol you will quickly see that it is a CX together. Gematria is 9 or 27(long or short form) and in Jewish Gematria its 303….alot like 33. Just sayin. CX in Latin =110. c-100 x =10 …..sorta like 11. The number of magic.

Or its OX = 66 that abyss number. Hmm…….

Augustine notes that the ICHTHYS in long form ” Ἰησοῦς Χριστὸς [sic] Θεοῦ Υἱὸς Σωτήρ” has 27 letters, i.e. 3 x 3 x 3. 333 hmm……


I did the gematria of the Cern Logo. Usually its pointed out that its 666(true) but its so much more


Some ways a I played with Numerology

Cern logo =666 with qd(21 which is black jack/mind control)= satanic mindcontrol
666 with pd =11(magic)= satanic magic
pdbbb =17(not sure…maybe fbi, gia or EL(god))
999 mirror of 666
or ggg = 777 or 21
pd ggg = 41( 11 777…maybe magic mindcontrol)