Well  a while ago I promised I would lighten stuff up…but ya know…everybody is under the spell…so well..I do what I can. That said lets at least try to just keep it weird this week…and a bit fun..

Another Joy Camp.  A sort of parady of those fight cancer commercials. Except its actually true…. HERE

Here is a picture from the first WW1 when we had FAKE DIAMOND SNOW…that gave me a headache. The pic is with a UV camera and light so the purple is not the glowing stuff but the WHITE IS. Next time I’ll use my normal camera and UV and you’ll see wow the forest glows…after this stuff. dscn1399

Oh and that same day this guy was flying around the area.dscn1397

Oh and yesterday when I was doing a healing I got this black whirly bird.dsc01012

This is a blue “thing” sort near one of my piped orgone doo hickeys.dsc00960

This next one I think is just a chem plane out of focus but it looks like a comet


And the usual orbs hangout around our place. Its with the Full spectrum so the red stuff is actually a shrub.


So when I have time and think of it…..and can ……….shoot this is pretty typical 3 or 4 days or wierdness in our universe.