So today was supposed to be the mass spell cast against Donald I guess a spontaneous organic natural collective decision by Witches. Besides this not being particularly useful news and tactically beyond stupid…………

First. It won’t work. There isn’t any person named Donald Trump( Its an actor) and the actor has been hired by the Red Shield In Switzerland. Its like casting a spell against the Easter Bunny. Also…..going after Trump if he were real…would be like That is like bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.  Consent is now given(in magic circles) to a spell casting against witches. Gosh who will loose???….hmmm…….not the kids in Switzerland. They know stuff. Scalar harmonic action at a distance stuff that makes science fiction look sad…..supposedly he’s a billionaire..and don’t you think he knows a thing or two about hiring the real sort of protection?

Female indigenous healers is by the way not the same as witchcraft. Modern witchcraft like modern paganism(modern druidism too) is based on Thelema and Crowley magic. Says so right in wikipedia. I have also read many books on the origins of modern paganism and witchcraft and it always come back to Crowley. It is not a ancient tradition but a modern form of ceremonial magic……from the mystery schools. Ancient Healing Knowledge of females(the grandmothers) and forest dwellers( the real meaning of pagan) not the same as mid-eval Kabbalistic mystery school Hermetisism repackaged for people who like trees. Its just different. I have had many witchy friends all claiming that they practice ancient female healing arts..and that is well just not correct. Its modern. Things are not what they seem on the plane(t) don’t take things for face value….just because they say the have some ancient healing art…Its probably not true. We know nothing about any history past 200 years…and most anything since is crap too. What happened before that…dunno…but its surely not what you think..and most be bigger than we can imagine.

My advice is stay out of this one and watch any ‘wierd’ stuff happening..from this. Might be interesting.  What is interesting is the normalizing of occult spell casting. Next year it might be a little darker with some more serious effects. Do not consent.

Media and Politics is showing you how irrelevant it all really is…..besides a sick reality TV show….which were never very real in the first place.

Another view point would be that this is more fake news(except we saw some participants today).

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Actually the sane-ist thing I have heard from another group of people about trump..and its funny here .