Just had this foamy diamond shaped “hail” fall from the sky all over the farm. Its very cold out yet it evaporates on contact to the frozen ground. Very unnatural. I asked a guy here who has been around for at least 70 decades if he has EVER SEEN Hale or snow like that shaped like diamonds and the density of foam. Nope.

So I asked a Canadian Healer who is very well versed in the scientific research of self assembling molecules(with the scientific papers from the companies that make it to back it up)…and atmospheric intentional dispersal…and of course he said…. DON”T TOUCH IT.

After that a sort snow fell. I took a UV light to it and and the liquid on the trees glowed purple and green. Some florescent blue strands too.

Anyway I’ve seen this around here before this winter…but never any other decade of my life. Anyway…I’m off to my cabinet of remedies…..

Anyway…tick tock..wakey wakey….sleepy heads….I guess it won’t be too bad for you in 2 or 3 years….you won’t notice the change..but then you wont’ notice anything in general….

I took photos with my uv camera but it makes everything look “REAL” so it didn’t get the glowing part. If I can bring it out I’ll post it.