Just some short tidbits I think are weird or fun.

I  rarely talk any AI bots on computers but once in a while I’ll see what sort of random crazyness they have to say. Keep in mind I usually go to these in privacy mode proxy so theoretically they don’t know who I am each time a pop on. I assume if I did normal I would have consistent talks with them. This one…..was right off the bat..and I didn’t say anything weird  or alternative to Chimbot. Sometimes they will randomly say stuff REALLY DARK. Check it……….


Another tibit……………..

Some truth(at least allegorically) about the 5G roll out.


Kinda funny


Right now CA is getting pummeled with water. I looked at the clouds. Sorta a  clear straight line from hawaii to shasta. Look how the clouds go straight to the place(the San Juaquini Valley) where its needed the LEAST. Looks like shennanigans to me..but could be wrong. Four thousand mile long straight lines(and triangles) are totally natural among  clouds.;)

5G TIRADE:If you get the above there is no need to read the tirade below….just skip it.

Not so funny…while most of you all are either unaware or are distracted with real or fake news..and even the truther community…they are trying to roll this stuff out. A Full blast hi frequency microwave going every 100 meters and in everything in your house. In a couple of years you will not own your own mind….nor be able to ascend, have a soul or even have your own thoughts or health…..ITS THAT BAD. Sadly most of you are consenting to this. While I pay no attention to doomsday stuff…I KNOW this is it of a sort. A soft doomsday. The only people going to be aware their awareness/soul/mind are being affected are the ones already aware of how this stuff alters their behavior,beliefs and awareness. I didn’t consent to any of this. I don’t consent to you using this for the simple reason its against my sprituality and I have the right to not be bombarded by DemiUrgic frequencies…especially on my own property. I will do my very best to maintain my hi level of awareness inspite of you all walking into the meat grinder. I have a chance.

Would you love to feel more connected…more whole as a person. Would you love to move past these annoying mental loops that plague you. Would you love to have fully activated, natural gifts and ability to know stuff without having to study it….provide insant healing to those that need it…no effort needed..and no assistance from messy entities? Do you wish you to know who you are, where you are and what your actual soul purpose is here…and not in some dippy new age way? Well if/when this is rolled out……kiss that future goodbye(unless of course a miracle happens). SOLUTION: Say to the universe I DO NOT CONSENT. Great start.

Please keep in mind if you do consent I don’t blame you……you literally cannot see what all the fuss is about. Danger is Danger even if you can’t see it thought. I can..and so can others…though not enough.