This is a quick little interview with James
Alfred of James is possibly

responsible( blame him..LOL) for suggesting TQH…..I guess after seeing my stranger email ramblings.

Seriously, I highly resonate with his style of research and presentation. His subject matter that is often not covered by anybody else, well researched, has excellent pattern recognition and never preachy. Its a gentle approach….never dogmatic. Even though the facts are wild, he doesn’t steer the reader into unnecessary speculation and stories. He is the way I would like more “Americans” to become….just good researchers…..finding the patterns and presenting them to you for YOUR CONSIDERATION. More of a “Show don’t Tell” approach.

TRUTHREALQUICK: I got into this field of research because of extreme phenomena happening in my wife’s and my life. From conversations with you…you seem to be relatively phenomena free….a little less eccentric than I(which isn’t hard)..yet your cover subject matter that is off the beaten track for even the more fringy/alternative researchers. You seem to have a natural “outside the box” thinking. All this time I’ve wanted to ask…How did you get involved in alternative research(or whatever you want to call it)?

ames Alfred: Thanks for asking me to chat! I got into this area of research at a fairly young age…my dad watched television documentaries regarding Yeti, the Bermuda Triangle, and the UFO phenomenon. My interest grew the more I read about UFOs and Bigfoot, and then of course I got swept up into the X-Files phenomenon back in the 1990’s. I probably went down the path most people go down in respect to this material…you start with something like UFO sightings, and then get into UFO crashes at Roswell and have a very nuts and bolts approach to the phenomenon. Then you begin to learn about the work of Vallee and Keel, and see connections to the UFO stuff with fairies, angels, inter dimensional beings, etc, and it finally gets you into the area of high strangeness.

As far as my research, I would say I really didn’t get too into it until I started looking at the alleged Hatybov material. I had an Old BLOG where I really just dabbled with writing, and wasn’t looking at material too seriously.a-little-sick-horse-s-leg-1920large Then I discovered the work of Crrow and the Lunar Wave…when I heard of the Hatybov material, I immediately set out to make some sense of the random sporadic writings that were attached to this alleged Soviet scientist. That analysis then started me off on my current path of research.

TRQ: Hatybov….that has been a real doozy for me. Not because it’s so out there, but that we can actually confirm at least bits of it are true. Shasta and Great Lake anomalous craft…and some Lunar Wave references. I guess we won’t know what its all about till some Russian comes forth with some more bits of the puzzle. Anyway….that is how I got to know your work…and it was hurting my head for a while…LOL.

Before moving on. Anything new happen in the Hatybov world since you last reported on it?

J octave-hierarchy
JA: Nothing too much of late. A fellow researcher Matthew Fields has found some raw Hatybov data that he has begun to populate on his site, but I haven’t had the time to dig into it yet. There are a few more articles I’m hoping to publish regarding Hatbyov examining religion, precious metals, and the larger land management system, but I had to take some time off from it. I was constantly getting questions and comments stating that “this sounds like this and that,” so I have spent the last year attempting to build a bigger knowledge foundation for the research.

For example, if you look at the Solar Sun in respect to the Hatybov material. The Sun is not a natural “component” of the extended, closed system known as our Solar System, but something very foreign and unnatural to our species. In turn, the Sun is responsible for generating a foreign unit of measure of time. In theory, this unit of time is required to convert “highly organized plasma” into “gases, liquids, solids, etc” through the manipulation and generation of Octaves. An Octave, however, can not exist independent of time; therefore it requires some quantitative form of time. The foreign, artificial planet (as the material states) known as our Solar Sun is generating this time component that generates our current reality.

hen you first work through this, sure, it makes sense, and seems very, very esoteric and new. Yet when you begin to read more about Sun worship, and the manifestation of Sun worship through Mystery Cults and idols such as Osiris, Adonis, and possibly even Lucifer, the Hatybov material takes on a very allegorical meaning. Sun worship, if attached to things like secret societies and Freemasonry, could be seen as being “evil” or “nefarious.”

Tack on things like the existence of the Children of the Sun (who live on the surface of the Sun), their preprogrammed future to be the elite priesthood of this planet’s ruling class, and their supposed transplant to Earth in the early 21st century that was skewed by an interference pattern created by this supposed Hatybov, and the idea of the Sun representing some bourgeoisie secret society makes more sense. Of course, that is just my opinion of the matter. Yet researching the things like the Osirian cycle has helped flush out some aspects of the Hatybov material for me personally. Hatybov a Reader’s Guide

TRQ: I think one of the reasons I thought it would be good to chat with you….is your style of research and presentation. I think its a good example of what alternative research should be. I mentioned why in the intro paragraph. Your approach is very good at throwing some really strange stuff at your audience and having it stick. Did you consciously decide to present your material this way? It definitely feels like you have a style…apparent to me from even your early blog.

JA: Well,I’m not sure on that! I probably have a very linear way of thinking, and do enjoy research. There is so much wonderful material available for free in the way of google books and pdf’s, it can be overwhelming but very rewarding. It’s probably a combination of digging into some lesser known materials, arranging it in a way in my brain that makes sense to me, and writing it out for a post on my site. Sure, I know I have some grammatical errors here and there, but I try to present the material as candidly and openly as possible.


As for the material, I really enjoy hitting on lesser discussed things. I could cover similar ground that a lot of other researchers cover, and probably get more attention and fanfare, but I actively try to stay away from that. Besides, putting an analysis of less covered material is sort of an adventure. On the most recent one I’m working on regarding an Apple pc commercial, for example, you see a clear theme of darkness and illumination in a way some would regard as tribute to the religion of Mystery Babylon. As the research plays out, suddenly you are reading about the corpse of Pontius Pilate, the hero of William Tell, and the Myth of Sisyphus, and realizing that these components might actually fit an intentional narrative of a series of images on a big production television ad. Of course, it’s just my opinion again, but I do like to share my ideas for feedback and constructive criticism.

TQH: Interestingly…..last night someone pointed out the Solar System… semantically the same as SOUL LURE system. Sorta fits with what you said above….something nefarious and possibly unnatural about the Sun. Solar Sun could know be SOUL LURE SUN or even weirder: the SOUL LURE SON. Anyway… when I go back and read some Hatybov I’ll try to read it just as allegory for Sun worship/warship and see what it says to me. It still feels like Archon(Gnostic) stuff.moon%2bas%2bsphere

Pontius Pilate came up last night for me too….Pontus = OF THE SEAS..Pilate is a sailor or a captain of a boat o plane. So Pontius Pilate= Captain or Sailor of the Abyss. I wonder if that is relevant to the commercial..which I haven’t seen yet.

I think .you started moving away from the Hatybov stuff and went straight into a George Harrison Moon piece...a sort of transitional piece between moon research and media encoding..then went straight into a Bowie/Gaga Piece. You’ve been hanging out in “decoding media” land alot now …like so much of us in 2016. The interesting thing is that you’ve dug up all the same weirdness, as I would, in the most obscure commercial(and little known media events) that others find in more mainstream movies and news….thus proving its everywhere. Such an incredible amount of effort is made to encode this entire reality….knowing full well few will notice. What is your take on why this is done?

JA: As for the Hatybov Gnostic stuff, that is definitely there. There is this idea that Octaves that generate from planets only work for this closed system, our Solar System. These Octaves wouldn’t generate a return on the highly organized plasma (or proverbial primordial waters) outside of this unique system. This allows for Octave generation to create a program of reality unique to this “volume” of the larger abyss (or whatever you want to call it).

As for research, I really am all over the board. I try to just go with whatever catches my eye or interest, with the hope that it at least adds to a larger perspective. The encoding, to me is, whether it be in an Adult Swim short film or the television program Westworld, I believe is intentional. If that means that the authors/directors/producers truly believe it, I can’t say. Part of me thinks it is a mix of coincidence, intent, and humor…these people are likely well read individuals, and are aware of things like Adonis and astrotheology. Whether they include symbols in their work to imply that they truly “know the mysteries,” or that they just want to give a nod and wink to a smaller group of people privy to education that the masses do not…I’m not sure. And I’m certain that some portion of this group creates things like a Green Google Phallus on Google’s 18th birthday to get a laugh.

TRQ: I often wonder if all this mass of encoding doing it at a symbolic level actually makes the magic/programming work better. Years of seeing 44 for instance in everything from shape, sound and color, number and gematria must do something to ones soul/mind. I feel when you start noticing it loose its power to some degree at least.

Speaking of subconscious assaults or playful winks…………

O k I took a look at your last article.Kubrick’s Mystery Cult Devotion Manifests In A MacBookPro Firstly, practically the only time ever look at commercials anymore are when you do something on one. Very jarring….so much occult symbolism crammed in a couple of seconds. Ouch. I found your links to 2001 space oddity, William Cooper and other Illumination/Luciferian mythos spot on. apple15 The twist I noticed, is this long line of lightbulbs bursting…..being UNilluminated. Kinda creeped me out. Lights bulb being consciousness, creativity and new ideas. A very weird juxtaposition between enlightment myths and blowing away a long line consciousness. I would say it was very revealing about the mystery schools true intentions. Any idea what they were saying by blowing out the huge line of lightbulbs for most of the advert?

JA: I feel like that is one possible perspective..the process of un-illumination. I think the idea of an eternal loop playing out – something to the extent of Darkness, Creation, Rebellion, Illumination, and then a return to Darkness makes some sense. If you start to read things like the work of Fomenko and the possibility of alternate histories/rewritten histories, then the game really gets crazy. How many times have we been “rebooted,” per se, and what is the reason for the reboot? Is it a preprogrammed decision, or does something make a decision? If one were to believe there is only 300-400 years of our real history as a species, that we live in a closed system, and that there is no escape from this plane of existence,

As more people become aware, for a lack of a better word, I do wonder if indeed we are getting closer to another reset. Whether that is something as simple as pulling a plug to erase our collective consciousnesses, or whether that is some type of Cosmological apocalypse, I have no idea.

Getting back to commercials as subject matter…there is so much good stuff out there. I try to watch larger events on TV, and have found some very interesting symbols used. I like using commercials as they are short, yet they force me to research and learn new things. For example, the one regarding teachers that we discussed earlier last year. You have a television ad essentially advertising the need for more public teachers, yet there is a very high level of “secret knowledge” included that is intended for someone other than the masses watching. Imagery of Saturn, Freemasonry ladders, illumination in darkness, tadpole references that lead back to a moon that revolves around Saturn every 66 days, the list goes on and on. It’s almost like a larger joke being played: here you go masses, we need more public educators, but we’re not going to fund it, and while we’re at it, we’re going to create an advert mcdonalds-1with a bunch of symbols possibly for the entertainment of some smaller subset of the population that thinks less of the masses.

TQH: I know that the highest paid video/film editors work on commercials. I knew one that did many superbowl commercials. I am ok non-pro video editor;from the looks of it, the most cutting edge filming techniques, editing techniques, highest budgets per a second, most elaborate sets and expensive CGI are all in the commercials. I would say more cutting edge symbols, occult, programming, hypnotic/nlp, color/frequency experiments and subliminals are also being tossed in…than say a feature lengths movie. Its good research avenue if you can stomach the assault. I do small doses.

Next topic: As researcher you delved into the kiddy sex food ring(I’m avoiding saying the meme ) political stuff. I kinda assumed that might be the first time you looked into this stuff in any great detail. I ask because I have had many instances where I”ve been confronted with this being a real issue in society……for decades. I have had teachers fired/arrested/ I have known abusers/abuse victims/ and some cops. How did you fair?……going down a bit of a darker road in the research realm.

For me if this was new…I’d be feeling not well. I am glad I have some practice bouncing back from reality jarring truths.

JA: Well, I guess I have been fortunate with my background to not experience such things directly. I knew of a local, male public “hero” who was “retired honorably” after rumors got out that he has been inappropriate with young girls at the nonprofit organization he was director of for +20 years. Of course, none of that hit the media, and the entire event was swept under the rug. This person’s name is now on the branch’s official name/designation, so that is very telling in terms of treating an “elite” of a very small community.

he recent “gate” thing you are referring to is absolutely fascinating in terms of media coverage. I think all of us know that child sex trafficking, at some level, is embraced by the elites. It absolutely exists. Whether it is Hollywood, NYC, or DC, it’s there. Yet for whatever reason, when something like this story breaks, and there exists plenty of ancillary evidence to suggest there is reason for a proper investigation, the media went on full alert to discount the story. Why is that? You look at something like the New York Times…when Elijah Wood was quoted earlier in 2016 as saying that child sex abuse is real problem in Hollywood ph-1and needs to be dealt with, then suddenly a NYT article comes out one or two days after the original statement and quotes Wood as saying “Oh, what I meant to say was that I was referring to was this, not that..” Fine. Then suddenly you read about the NYT briefly running an Associated Press blurb on Norway’s Dark Room investigation and findings (pedo ring broken up at a very high level of society), and then pulling it in late November. Then you see the NYT do a really, really poor job of demonstrating that #PizzaGate is a fake news story concocted by crazies on the internet. The first one is a miserable attack on the claims of investigators, so much so that they create a second rebuttal against the conspiracy theory, and then address random “tenants” to the original hypothesis that there might be a very high level DC child sex trafficking ring attached to some very prominent people in the USA. If you Google search the word #PizzaGate, this second NYT article is one of the first results to appear at the top of the web page. Throw in the fact that the current NYT CEO was the BBC President during some Jimmy Savile reporting that was shut down, and what do you make of this? More random dots being connected?

To me, the idea that this is allowed to go unchallenged is sickening and horrifying. Why is it that if you are member of the masses and you go to prison for pedophilia crimes, that person is placed at the lowest possible level of prison society and treated as such. Yet if it exists within the higher classes of a society, it goes unpunished and is protected by the state apparatus? Whether or not this #PizzaGate has any truth, we have seen the Nebraska pedo ring cover up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and how law enforcement failed to protect the children abused in that case. Yet one rarely sees that case mentioned when discounting the possibility of a current, pedo ring cover up in “legit” news. I don’t know what to think of this…I would hope that local DC officials and even the FBI would at least investigate the people referenced in the current drama, but these people receive pay checks and care for their families like everyone else..I personally don’t think anything will come of it.Analysis of a “GATE”

TQH: And this all leads my view….the Archon Consciousness(parasites) infected our fellow humans. The worship, without any consequence, the elevation of parasitic behavior in our

society. Hollywood and Politicians being of course prime Hives of the parasites.


Wish to comment on how the Archon studies and Pizza…..may be related? Since we just went there…….social-strata

JA: Man, that is quite the question! I definitely think there is a class of human beings who devalue other human beings. Why that is, I most certainly can’t say. For a group of people to create war, profit from child/human trafficking…for alphabet agencies to supply and force drugs on inner city populations..I don’t get it. Maybe I’m naive and live in a fantasy world, but these types of things should not be acceptable to be created by any human being.

Whether that means this group that perpetrates intentional crimes is filled with sociopaths, royalty, blue bloods, or even the idea they have a “direct line to Archons,” I can’t say. When you read some of the early Church’s writings on the “heresy of Gnosticism,” you quickly grasp the idea of this wonderful, fantastic cosmology that ultimately leads to the idea of a false god or deity that generates a manifestation of materialism that imprisons us. I can see how such a cosmological construct leads to the idea of an “evolved” privileged elite class taking advantage of the existing construct. Again, very similar to the idea of Hatybov’s genotypes and evolution of genotypes. It’s an overwhelming thought, but I think it is very interesting.

TQH: 2016……what would you say was your favorite or important topics you covered this last year.?

… I’m gonna vote for the Laurel Canyon research( and synopsis with Crrow)…which I believe was what led me to stricking up a conversation with you. Hollywood nonsense is a huge illusion we need to unplug from…I hope stuff like that helps..I think it does. Laurel Canyon Cheat Sheet Article46547e80-9ab8-11e4-9f6f-c79b902d0686_lookout-mountain-credit

JA: McGowan’s subject matter is very interesting. It is well researched and referenced, and it makes you take a very big step back to look at the bigger picture. Reading about the different connections in the early Laurel Canyon scene, the interplay with record companies, CIA funded night clubs/radio stations, actors who came out of nowhere who are suddenly playing large venues, the introduction of LSD at early Vietnam protest sites, the idea of beta sites…wow, the list is endless. If you bring this sort of thing up to people like my parents, they will dismiss all of it outright and state it is just a very long list of coincidences. Is it though? How can that possibly be all coincidence?

In the same vein, I’ve actually enjoyed covering the media’s reaction to #PizzaGate. In the same lines of McGowan’s work…if you put that same type of critical lens/perspective in place when looking at the NYT, WaPo, etc articles, it’s painfully obvious that a discredit/misinfo campaign is in place. Whether that alludes to the fact that “playing dominos on pasta or cheese” is indeed code language used in the John Podesta hacked emails regarding pedophilia, I can’t say. Yet the way that every, large media talking head has viciously attacked people who present the research is absolutely insane. You see a gunman show up, Fox news and NPR putting out softball interviews with Jimmycomet, limited Google search results regarding the topic (much less than when I started following it in late November)…more imaginary dots being connected? The extent and coverage of the discredit campaign at least makes it appear that they are covering up something, whatever that something might be.

And of course my work with Crrow. I always appreciate his perspective and insight on subjects, and a few of his off-comments when we’ve chatted have led to my discovery of things like The October Horse, the Hennessy Firmament commercial, and the Osiris-Rex / Bennu / phallic worship / NASA satellite research. People give him a difficult time for being very random and scattered at times, but if you find something of interest that he mentions, keep an open mind. And definitely keep an open eye to the material that is presented to you in the media.

TQH: So we are in a new year…You’ve definitely expanded as a researchers in just a year……what are you gonna throw at us this year?

JA: I definitely want to take a closer look at the usage of color and lay out some baseline references for myself and people who follow the work. I also plan to cover a few more Paul is Dead type analyses for personal interest…perhaps dig into more post-Beatle occult imagery employed the person known as Macca. Paul, William Campbell, whoever he might be seems to have an interest in the use of symbols in random places.

The ideas that you opened me up to..the idea that magic is ultimately the means to hack an existing program of material generation is absolutely fascinating, and I want to keep my eyes open to any commercials or shows that feature that subtle theme. In the same vein, I hope to get a few more Hatybov articles up for feedback/criticism. You don’t hear much about the Hatybov stuff much anymore, and now that the interest has sort of waned, I’d like to get back into exploring more of “his” work.

M uch more work in terms of the Mystery Cults too; that area is so rich and rewarding to learn about. In just this one year, I feel like I’ve learned so much. I hope to keep building a base, if that makes sense.

Other than that, I’ll just follow the world and see where it takes me!

TQH: I for one will look forward to more of your delving into some more high strangeness. Hatybov will be fun..I do enjoy that allegory/mythology/reality..whatever it is. Well,, I think we’ll end off here and we can continue the conversation at a later time. Any parting comments?

JA:Thanks for the time, Jim. One of the benefits of starting this blog is being in able to get into contact with other researchers of this type of material. It is a fascinating arena, and I’m really excited to see where this type of research leads. At the end of the day, I will be the first to admit I don’t really much about of any of this…yet I personally find it satisfying to continue to dig, explore, and learn. Thank you again for taking the time to chat.