Just  a little junky list I made till someone comes up with a good Gematria dictionary.

13 CIA, LA, M, He, AGE, ID,M5

17 Fbi, gai,hi,ice,acid, El

19 rand(as in institute) and SRI, IRS,ARI(ayn rand institute) true

21(blackjack-silent weapon to the head), LA,(777=7+7+7)

23 W (or 66) the abyss, IAM, end, fake,( V V or vode vode in hebrew=abyss)

27 red, cain, jfk, hand,, ego, gas , dance, off, oak, JOB

32 theatre

33 false flag, police, order, secrecy, masonry, lapd

37 hell hades djin, hex, legal, kabbala,

38 death killing, masonic, jewish

42truth, freemason, gun, architect, female/lady/bitch, building, nine, G(freemason), zionism, nigger, brothers, blackstar, new testament, sin, (42 lines bible), (bible begins with mathew).

44 deaths door, kill, officer, shooting, cancer, chemo, magick, military, genocide, hidden, brain, mask, clock and “forty four” =144(time)

45 fox, gods, east

46 sacrifice

47 cia, obey, judge, authority, president, republican, pop. Rock, legend, mafia, magi, believe band, beast, time, babalon, france, nevada, medical, omen, pacific, christian

52 NWO

53 hell

57 , belial, nice, golden sleep, jews, arby, city , gene, moon, human, gemini, birth, tesla, england

58 masonry secret society

59 kill and reference negative black stereo type and culture

61 , god,google, hebrew, roman, news, jehova, bin laden, miracle, psalm and a lot others

62 mason, vote

64 Israel, zion, thelema 8X8, true

66 abyss(qlipoth, demonic and space), curse, rush, woman, blessed, family, happy, freedom, moloch, abraxas, lost, anubis, ruby, twin, alchohol, wedding, islamic, sugar, neron, single, sodom, floor, italian, ancient, lakers, envy, lunar, shoes event, pharoh, lenths, debic card, careful, type, queer, beasts, title.

67 freemasonry

71 babylon, azazel(kind of the abyss)

72 hitler

74 masonic, jewish, occult, yshua/joshua/jesus, cross, messiah, gospel, lucifer, oregon, Mohamed

75 new world order

77 police officer, police department, christ, OZ(7+7)

87 truth, architect, justice

88 trump, purple….(lots of false flage events, manson, woodstock),88(hitlers number heil hitler), days of mercury’s orbit…thus hermes thoth, hillary bday, birth of english masonry

93 saturn, 1776, oneworldtradecenter, crucifix, omega, help home, kimmie, rage, cedar adam belial,end of days, propaganda, intuit, the word, atomic bomb, cthulhu,vishnu nazereth, light being, knowing,torus

99 , thirteen

106 prophecy, destroy

107 happiness, holygrail, hidden meaning, mountain, aquarius.

108 (sacred prayer number in many religion0

115 killing

119 Donald 119, Donald, Lion, Pink, INdigo, black hole, diabolical, healer 

Mary Magelene, Star of David, All seeing eye, king james bible, nikola tesla

121 antichrist revalation blood sacrifice

133 government, whitehouse

144 scientology, fourty four, april fourth, keeper of time…..

149 zachary k hubbard(forty seven), skull and bones, the meaning of life, judas iscariot

156 prime of 911, 58

174 new world order, black, secret societies, mana, supreme court

187 homicide

188 bavarian illuminati (and the additiona of all american bills.)

222 hitler, armegedon, 2=division

223 = bbc, (also another way to say 66 or 22×3, mirror of 322)

227 (22/7= pie) murder

314 twenty two divided by seven(pi)

318 =21(black jack or mind control) or gnostics number for christ.

322= skull and bones #, military industrial complex.( Also 3X22=66 or the abyss

327 Highest Magician

360 circle, area code, raven, spy

366 jewish gematria version of 666/111, A satanic mark, black sun

432 verdi A, hitler, Fibonacci

404 like 44 or 444

411 assassin.

444 (see 74),(more deaths door symbolism)

500 friday, sky, eyes ,oz 666/111

555= represents chris consciousness

573 = 666,111 corrupt, prince of darkness, song of solomon, the english language, psychic, spirit guide

many others

666= computer, New york, new mexico, illusion, helicopter, sanskrit , book of the dead. Corrupt, pictiure, ejaculation, knighthood, the archons, grey aliens, demon inside, teleport, lustful, santa clus, monsanto, witchcraft, prophecy

726 antichrist revalation blood sacrifice

774 february, scientology, righteousness, the purest blood, I am evil, goddess isis, hollywood, eternal love, holy ghost, butterfly, electricity , destroyer, ninety nine, pandoras box, light bringier, orions belt, alpha centurary, judgement day, ascension day, demonic forces

“st matthew” in the English Sumerian system equals 774

864 (supposed fractal of the speed of light)(also big in sacred geometry and numerology for various reasons

1947 (year of a lot of social engineer organizations/people/projects born)(supposed degree of a merkaba/tetrahedron touches a sphere in degrees=19.47 degrees).