This is more of a plug of this guy’s youtube channel: HERE  . I don’t normally plug people I haven’t talked to…but I think this is important ..if you are an American.and aware … see where its really happening in a place that has real world governance and the head visible occult organizations. All in a leisurely stroll.

SamW takes a microphone and hand held cam and walks around London. Simple enough. However you will see the real rulers of the planet or at least the visible managment….and their city. London..with symbolism, architecture, history and live street life.   Washington is really a hollywood based reality TV show at this point…..Just the curtain for OZ.

If you haven’t figured out by now…there is no such thing as “USA” as a sovereign nation…we are under British Admiralty(pirate) law…our legal system is run by the BAR association which is Based in the separate nation/corporation “The City of London”..or the “crown”. This is a different entity/country than London, the city…though its smack dab in the middle of it. Very similar to the Vatican and Washington D.C.(technically not a part of the USA).  We are at most a  media machine( Hollywood is a branch of the military) and a lot of the military for London. We are and have always been a suburb of a British Nation and the City of London…pretty much the capitol of the world. Why does every President bow before the Queen(lizard).?

I think if you spend any time watching this rather fun channel you will have your eyes opened to where the real shots are called on this planet. There are some really cool shots of statues, churches(actually 33rd degree masonic temples) and some good headsup on what London is planing for the world and how they are going to do it. It works as a great pigeon wildlife video as well.