I just found this…and thought…that is strange. Its an alignment…with a fun number. I should say most everything is constructed with the occult and numerology so technically it isn’t strange. Its NORMAL.

California/Nevada has two straight line borders…one going North/South and another with this very strange angle for really no real reason that would be obvious.

So the south part of the angled line is Needles/Mohave Valley area. If you start there in Google Earth…..and head North West you will get a heading of 314.59 Degrees. That sure is an awful lot like PI= 3.1459…………pielinecalifornianevada

From Tahoe to Needles area is 131.34. Another 314 motif?

I would assume this is an intentional angle..as its fairly precise …and directly related to the supposed sacred geometry ratio of PI.

Some other interesting notes: I extended this line NW…..to Asia…and this Goes right through Trinity Lake,CA across the pacific straight to Shanghai and almost exactly to Macau/Hong Kong. Not sure if thats a coicidence or not. Going south east on this line we get……..Mexico City, Peru(Inca/Nazca line) territory.  The part that extends into Arizona goes through Green Valley…oddly a place I lived at for a short trauma filled couple of months.

I haven’t heard if anybody else figured this  out….excluding the alignment creators.

One thing to consider….. you have to believe Google Earth gives you correct coordinates….but even if its off..that would mean Google ..once again is encoding something…..for some reason.

Remember, If you look at 314 in the mirror its spells out PIE…..

I’m sure there is more to this alignment…….anybody else got something?

UPDATE: I Commented below on one “official” explanation.

Here is another “official” explanation. HERE . Notice that very convincing explanation is more complex..makes no sense than the simpler and truthful. Some masonic style people made a border based on PIE. And thats how it is…..complex history/knowledge/science basically hiding the fact that its based on some mystery school thing.