Real Quick:

I have been doing my own “Annunaki” stone circle research for years. For those that don’t know, they are the remains of stone circles(quartz) and mega microwave frequency generators found all over Africa(10 billion of them)…made somewhat famous by Michael Tellinger’s work. I do not know that they are Annunaki…but the African Shaman’s say they are. They are from a long past “millions” of years old civilization. They are all over the world…too. I have found them in Polynesia, South Africa, Middle East, North America, NZ etc.

Some dip s*#T science show put this picture up ….and tried to justify it as some ice depression. Its a “satellite” photo too. No comment on that either.


Funny this looks exactly like the patterns found in africa. This is Great Zimbabwe….one of the few with nicely standing walls…done in the pattern of the less glamour 10,000,000,000 other ones in Africa. No two are alike. You can do your own research…and find the circles on line…or on google earth. There are several million of them visible in Syria as well. So let me be the first to say these are Michael Tellinger’s(probably) “Annunaki” stone circles in Antarctica



Another African one.

And some from Syria.


If you can see the similarity congratulations…your are now more advanced than most college trained archaeologist…who ignore patterns. I have found these things EVERYWHERE..yet modern archaeology some how doesn’t know about them?  The science show hinted at it looking like a human structure then went into all these ice collapsing, wind carving scenarios …showing no pictures that anything like this has ever happened…and admitting ice doesn’t collapse(or melt) in that area…..basically negating their theories…..based on nothing…which to me says…COVER UP. If it looks like a duck…….

Remember archaeologists, historians and anthropologists are there to make sure you don’t know anything about the ancient past, history or past humans. That is their real job. No joke.