This is an update to this short article; Satelite “facts” . Article Here.

These crazy flashes of lights lighting up the whole sky……have been attributed to these things. The first article..which is short and you should read….has some good data on satellites being fake….at least what we know about them.

Here is some more new stuff that came up.

The new Iridium satellites are called IridiumNext. There will be 10 of them.Iridium is 47(well known alphabet gang number) and 11.


So you have 119….you should recognize this number by now…its all over the trump hillary election and is a mirror of 911(the number of sorcery).

It will be going up(not really) In a Falcon 9 craft by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.FALCON 9 = 24 +9 = 33 . That should look familiar.

space=17 the article says they intented to send on up possibly on 1/7/17

Elon Musk in English Gematria is 660 or 66. See my abyss articles.

The specifically repeat that they are sending 7 new f9’s up.Falcon9s I presume. F9 looks alot like computer hexidecimal to me which is 246. 7+246= 256. I big number in binary and numerology. Here are some names with 256 numerology.Jerusalem
United Kingdom, Leanardo Da Vince, Enlightenment, anti gravity, the apocalypse

All of this is a coincidence I’m sure ……………