Warning: This is a bit preachy and some dire warning(some solutions too). You may want to pass on this one.

Some new years things for you to consider.

1.Figure out how to spiritually, mentally cleanse yourself. It will be important…that you do so……things will only get easier for those becoming more sleepy(and thats a false easy). Specifically; clear entities and spells or negative thought forms and bad quantum entanglement…or whatever words you like to call them in this corrupted language. This is the basis for all mental, psychic, spiritual and physical problems..when you get right to the nitty gritty of it.

2.Stop all wireless usage. Especially in your local community. Really. Its that bad. They haven’t turned on the full capabilities yet …..so it doesn’t hurt that much ..but its contributing to your freefall..and everybody elses. This is the check mate move and nobody is seeing it coming. Its “convenient” for you. But its convenient in another way for other people. And the Archons….they love this stuff. A simple solution is supporting non radiant distance communication tech that emits no emf…but is also wireless. Yes they have that. Yes its suppressed. You still don’t have to consent.

3.Quickly or slowly move away from google, facebook, twitter, youtube. Yahoo, and hotmail style services.. I worked for one of these guys. I also farmed in an area where the elite retire. You are only training your replacement. Period.

I have nothing to hide”. Really? Well can you monitor the movement, vital signs and virtual mental imprints of the corporate elites….monitor there finances. No…they hide that from us. The problem is THEY DO Have all that and more….and its uneven. They hide everything from you and you give them everything. It will bite you in the ass, it is biting huge amount of people in the ass…it just doesn’t get reported. By using those services you basically legally agree to selling essense, your copyrights, your likeness, everything you own, all art/music/photos, your thoughts and your name. They haven’t clamped down on most people yet…but you are consenting to NOT EXISTING and CONSENTING TO EVERYBODY ELSE NOT EXISTING TOO. Your business ideas and your marketing strategies are being sold or souled. You will not be able to compete in any market for anything….at some point. Unless you start not consenting. The people that know about this stuff..don’t use these services and Billionaires don’t use cell phones….they use other stuff. Think about it. At the very least it gives the owners of a technology unfair business advantages..including stealing ideas, potential patents, business plans and selling them to the highest bidder.

Its simple start moving to paid for sites and spending a little money on a private email server. Post videos on alternative sites. Another point…..is Karma…..some of these guys do UNSPEAKABLE ACTS to other humans……

4. Another..and this may be difficult. Any coincidences.(synchronicities)..tricks of the eye…phenomena around electricity. Start noticing that stuff. Thats the quickest way to becoming “psychic/spiritual”. 90% of real phenomena is just your brain telling you ..your mind is playing trick on your. There is no such thing as tricks of the eye etc. Every time someone says they aren’t psychic or nothing happens around them…its a lie. Usually I say this “Notice that cell phones and computers start acting weird when your upset or anxious”. Everybody has noticed that. What do you think that is. Your programming tells you to ignore it. Well……maybe you should just start noticing things like that.

5.I am fairly certain…..that when you pass…….its important to be as aware and unpolluted as possible……or you simply get recycled…mind wiped…become even more cruel and narcissistic..and start over with even less abilities. Lets try not to let that happen shall we? You may be asked…did you consent to the nonsense down there….and I hope when that time comes you said….I did not consent.

6. Believe nothing. “Belief is the enemy of knowing” Crrow77. He has a great article on this concept look it up It is probably more important remove all belief and know a fact or too…than believing all the knowledge in a library. BeLIEf is killing us all. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. You can’t except knew data on a subject if you believe something…no more discernment is possible. Observation, logically looking at patterns, intuitive knowing and demonstrable knowing is way important. You could be more honest in saying “I have looked at the available data and it leads me “right now” to this conclusion…but I am still open to more data on the subject. THAT IS HONEST. Learn how to know. That said….any article I post……I have made a promise to never to deceive, lie or misrepresent any info posted on here. That doesn’t mean I’m correct in all cases…just that I am doing my  best. I have had vastly strange experiences which there is no way for me to fully explain or know what it all means….but I can honestly report where I am at with stuff. Please don’t believe me…in the sense I mean.  Take it as info…a basis to do your own research…..if my experiences back up yours then maybe we are on to something…if they don’t……..then leave it…move on to the next..blog…no biggy. If something I say resonates with you but you don’t know it. PUT IT ASIDE…and see if the universe brings forth an experience to back up what I say. Synchronicities will happen to show you to look into it further. Even that may be a stepping stone to a greater knowledge…in which even I may be wildly inaccurate from someone wiser and further along than I am. DO that with all research…take the info in ..put it aside and see if the universe gives you some clue you need to look into it further. Even a correct theory is just a theory until you can demonstrate it to yourself that it is true.

7. Delete Hollywood:…from your life. This includes all mainstream(and alternative) music, all movies, tv, radio, internet movies, reality tv(I have been on one its not real), NEWS( North, East, West, South modern reality tv show)…..and mainstream history…and politics. Its all fiction. One benefit from removing this Entertainment( entertain= possess, ment= mind) is that literally heal your nervous system…..the frequencies, FM Modulated technology embedding death programming/stupidity commmands targeted to the wernick area of the brain.So…. The torture, torment of being in production of one of these…things is nuts. Black magick and the worst forms of predetory sexual expression are normalized and infact encouraged among the crew. Slavery is a fact there. Its unconstitutional(supposedly) and you give it money? Will you continue supporting it?……cause and effect is real( to some extent). On the spiritual side your are constantly giving your consent to black magick rituals …empowering them. Your physical, mental, psychic and spiritual energy can all be better served by focusing on just about ANY THING ELSE. The karma you will clear up will be tremendous…..


I may have not figured out right now to disentangle myself completelly from the matrix/archon reality…but I assure you…I do not consent.While you may be forced to use some of this crappy archon tech….you can at least remove your consent to that being the only tech/art/civilization provided. You may have a crappy job…but you don’t have to consent to that being THE ONLY MEANS of survival that non-civilazation has provided for you.

I of course don’t speak of this to make anybody feel guilty….and I know we all grew up in this false matrix. Detaching completely may not be possible. I understand. BUT you can certainly start reversing the trend or put that intention out there.You want to see what the future holds? Look at the art of H.R. Giger. That is not fiction that is real…and that will not be a fun place to exist. That is the universe of the Archons.I choose not to go there..and I don’t consent to having my choices limited either. Lets go somewhere else shall we?

I am not sure how many will read this, how many from that will understand and how many from that will attempt to put some action into what is just said here. Its not the point….the point is that I sent this out into AI archon land and the ether for others to consider. Maybe it will assist a few…maybe no one.

Maybe it won’t do much other than you consented to your enslavement just a bit less….and thats a good thing too. Sometimes you have to say stuff even if only the desert is listening.

Enlightment is kinda a low grade annoying harassment. Not fun sometimes. Being a Zombie is 24/7 existential torture…hell if you will..though your so numb you don’t even notice…probably because you needed a six pack or a bong hit to finish off the day of Archon land. Go for annoying 🙂

Much Love,


PS: If you made it this far….its kooky being photos next…we’ll keep it light.