Its a well known fact that the Fist of the Year was always the first day of spring. March 21st-ish. So that would be Day one of the year. That is the way its always been. Proof of course is September(Sept= 7), October( OCT=90, November(Nov=9) and December(Dec=10).  The other months names got mangled for other various reasons..but the last 4 months have clues to their original meaning. Due to various Roman Emperors and later a Pope we have the mangled system we have now.

Why did they make January 1st start when it did? Each month has nearly a different length. They starts at a wrong time……for no good reason(I thought) and has all these weird months lengths for no good reason(so I thought).

Well maybe it was so that Solstice(the shortest day of the year…of vast symbolic, energetic and occult significance) mostly likely would occur on 12/21. 1+2/2+1 = 3/3 or 33. Hmm…where have we seen that number….who may have mangled it……??

So we are on the Masonic Year Calendar?


For that matter march 21st( I know its been on 22nd sometimes but that works too) 3/21  is 3/3.  If its on 3/22   322=(Skull and bones and 66 abyss).

summer solstice is 6/21. written 21/6 in Europe. 216 is 6x6x6 or 666

Autumnal Equinox used to be around 9/21 or 9/3= Saturn or Satan. It has been a bit later these days.

So I take it back..we are on a Satanic Calendar or Saturnian Calendar. The calendar manipulations did start wit Rome(also named Saturnia).

So now you know why.

A perfectly normal sun cycle with an overlayed Satanic/Saturnian numbering creep show. Sounds about right for this planet.