88 has been a huge number this year in Social Engineering. Media and the Presidential Race( does that mean only a certain race of aliens can become president……NLP?..LOL) has been full of this number, dates and gematria. Trump= 88 and so does Hillary’s Birthday. Purple has been big this years with Prince “dying” on the Queen of England purple celebration(b-day i think). Purple is 88.

Here is a quick peek at a cheat sheet I made for some numerology/gematria for 88. Typo’s included. “88: trump, purple….(lots of false flage events, manson, woodstock),88(hitlers number heil hitler), days of mercury’s orbit…thus hermes thoth, hillary biday”

its heavily in the occult and certainly heavily in that sci-fi authors religion.

So what in “silly putties blu-el foot” does it all mean?

Well check this out. Its from Saint Paul’s Cathederal in England( a famous lodge pretending to be a church)saintpauls

1+7 is 8 so the 88 in 1717 should be easy enough to figure out. 1717 is the birth of a Major Masonic Organization.  So is what 88 is referring to in the media?   88 a symbolic of a Masonic birth of sorts. Whats it a birth of? Is it born or will it be born soon? Is it human, machine, a social engineering project or something creepier?

Saint Paul…I believe was killed on a inverted crucified cross by the way.