This would be an update to the research on the Standing Rock (Ritual Sacrifice?) article. I recently asked another friend who went out there.

I asked this friend if there was any shenanigans he could detect out there. I got  resounding yes. Before I proceed, Let me flat out say I don’t know that every thing is false about it …just certain aspects….and this all should be researched further.

So one confirmation was there any obvious masonic element out in Native lands. He said it was very heavy in all the towns presumably native american.

Another obvious point he made was there was a vast amount of camps receiving donations that weren’t going to any natives whatsoever. The words millions of dollars came out of his mouth…though I’m not sure if that ment physical or currency donations or how he came across that figure.

He mentioned a huge vagabond/traveler sort of camps had taken over getting the benefits of donations but not really participating in any other ways except free food.

He said much of the shenanigans is an open secret but nobody ..including the alt-media is reporting on that.

Charities are for the most part fraud….though obviously there are legit ones……you have to do your research. If you donate make sure it goes to legitimate indigenous.

So at this point….though my solid evidence is spotty…is this. There may be real indigenous protest..but that in itself was created for some recurring historic masonic  ritual….including violation of sacred grounds……..some masonic natives are in on it……….though most wouldn’t know. Either from the beginning or  maybe a few months back the social engineers, fema people, fake charities, mainstream fake media, alt media and other fake event cast got in on the show and turned it into another distraction fest. Pipe lines across sacred burial grounds all over the world are the norm and a form of geo-necromancy(if you don’t believe in that stuff….the billionaires do and they are running the show).

I have seen a photo from a friend of leg missing from someone so I can’t rule out some legitimate clashes.

Whatever has happened out there I’m sure the original intention has been careened by the social engineers… usually they are able to do. They are playing chess while we are still playing checkers. You can’t do anything about what you can’t see… maybe now is the time to learn to see.

Obvious way more research is needed by people with no agenda other than finding truth…..