So I was looking into the fact that TRUMP(an obvious fake name refering the Tarot) would infact be subservient to the head of the Republican Party. A clue to a higher level of game player in Politics..though no person in Politics has any real power…we are just a suburb of England…which is a suburb of Switzerland and so on. It took about five minutes of research to confirm my suspicion…

So the head of the Republican National Committe(RNC) is a guy Named Reince Priebus. He is the guy now. Not Trump as we will see. He is also now going to be the Secretary of State…a higher ranking/more influential position than the President.

As usual we will look into numerology, encoding and mythology to decode what they are saying to us and what possibly this guy is about.

The Gematria/Encoding with this guy is staggering…so this is briefly what I’ve found.

Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus = 1199 a veiled 911 mirroring

Reince Priebus is 144 an encoding of april fourth 4/4 or 44 = DEATHS DOOR = Saturn/TIME/SATAN

This is an obvious play on words..and in proves this guy isn’t anybody named Reince Priebus. It is a play on PRINCE RUBUS( a real media nickname for him) or PRINCE ERUBUS/EREBUS/EROBUS or The prince of darkness in Greek. Erebus is an abyss deity in  Greek, the Demi-Urge(archon or satan) born out of Chaos(another dark demi-urgic being). Erebus is also the Abyss( in numerology 66 or W or V V in the occult).

From wiki-

Preince riebus, Prince Rubus or Prince ereibus or Prince Erubus.

Prince Erubus(darkness deity or the demiurge of the abyss) is the greek prince of darkness…born out of chaos. Ereubus

In Greek mythology, Erebus /ˈɛrəbəs/, also Erebos (Greek: Ἔρεβος, “deep darkness, shadow”was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness; for instance, Hesiod’s Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos.[2] Erebus features little in Greek mythological tradition and literature, but is said to have fathered several other deities with Nyx; depending on the source of the mythology, this union includes Aether, Hemera, the Hesperides, Hypnos, the Moirai, Geras, Styx, Charon, and Thanatos.

In Greek literature the name Erebus is also used of a region of the Greek underworld where the dead pass immediately after dying, and is sometimes used interchangeably with Tartarus.

The perceived meaning of Erebus is “darkness”; the first recorded instance of it was “place of darkness between earth and Hades”. 

According to the Greek oral poet Hesiod’s Theogony, Erebus is the offspring of Chaos…….


OK…So you can stop here and keep it short or go further with some more encoding just to solidify the point.


It is reported that he had 23 million in debt to deal with when he took over the RNC.

W=23 and is code for the abyss. Erubus= 23 in gematria.

88 has been all over the hillary/trump election….recorded here on Zach’s channel and Sagesigma. The dates, births and names have alot of 88. Could it be referencing this guy actually?  REPORTED : he apperently raised$88 million and cut the RNC’s debt to $11.8 million.  11.8 or 11X8 = 88. 88 is a double endless loop also represented by 911.

Reince = 36 or 9 and  Priebus = 36 or 9. So its 99 or the inverse of 66 the abyss.

So while Repubs been celebrating Trump into office( a fictional character and Hillary supporters bemoaning Trump as demon…..hell bent on destroying us all( which I thought was hillary anyway)…

….Some of the real power in our government will always be the head of the DNC and RNC.

So you have an obviously fake character with symbolism of  the Prince of Darkness-DemiUrge all the 88 symbolism that came along with the elections/Trump/Hillary elections…and Nobody made a peep. I wonder how the Republican Christians will justify Trump putting in an apparent demon(I’m sure Priebus knows he is)….the name is advertised after all. And this is why you  encoding….de-encoding of names numbers, dates to get deeper into how the machine operates and who(or what) is running the show. By the encoding I would say that want us to believe/know that He is the prince of darkness…..but a prince is not the emperor….just the son…….probably

AI is running the show or “A EYE”….top of the eye pyramid. Get it? Its a machine…or thats the occult symbolism…………


For those of you who don’t know…the Vice President or the Secretary of State are usually running the show….at least they are higher up in power than the President….he is just a teleprompt  reader to distract the masses. So Hillary has had at least 4 terms of presidential power(Bill is a teleprompt reader and sex maniac…no power their)…..

Note: Remember Barrack Obama is a play on the Arameic “lightning from heaven” a reference to Lucifer…another prince of darkness.

Hillary is known in some circles as Hilarion, another demonic moonchild.  It is suggested that she is possibly a moon child from the Parson/Hubbard moonchild attempts in 46. Hilarion is an ascended master(archon) from well….and is considered to be Saint Paul…….crucified upsidedown I might add.hillaryPHOTO: HILLARION

Are you tired of entropic beings ruling your planet or what?


EreBus is 382 in Jewish Gematria same as reptilian agenda, scorpion, cursed, the dark night and air bus. Airbus and erebus are the same!!!

EreBus in 70/420 in Short/Long gematria same as Yahweh, Lilith, Secret,demons, zombie, cursed, shadow, colombia(lucifer) and Vatican

UPDATE 1/22/17:

alchemical-6Rebis(phonetically similar to Reibus) may also be another symbolism. I didn’t catch this one till now. Rebis is a deeply Occult/Hermetic Symbol Archtype representing several things but mostly perfection through androgyny/hermaphadite. Transhumanism?

I can’t imagine this is by accident. I’m not an expert on this symbol..but some themes I quickly found were.

Rebis in the occult was the first human being perfect and divine.
Alchemical androgyny.
The Great Hemphrodyte.
The name represents balance between moon/sun, male/female.
vissible sun/black sun of initiates, lucifer, venu/saturn.

I’m sure this is only some of the symbolism of the Hermetic Symbol Of Rebis.