Real Quick……This video got me to thinking and I actually have thought about this. I don’t know that I could have expressed this in such an elequent way so here it is.


Truth is…while we watch(what appears to be) the mass voluntary soul suicide of our currently hobbled human friends…..we are still responsible for our own energy and projecting healthy vibration(scalar frequencies). How do we this and know what we know…watching the apparent  free fall. That is of course very tough and probably the sign of a “true master”…..if that has really any meaning.

You are an intention broadcaster, a EMF frequency broadcaster, bio-photon broadcaster. You are in essence one of the most powerful orgonite radionic devices out there. If you get depressed about the current state of affairs..and even resentful…you are ALSO giving the system what it wants. There are reasons for this …scientific/quantum physics reason I will not go into here. But you can do your own research.

Remember as long as you project discord, low vibrations and darkness..even if you are correct…the system wins. Yes in fact real truth can be a weapon..and it was probably designed that way too. For us to find out about stuff and get too traumatized.  Black magick is black magick no matter how noble the intention…are you being a black magick antenna by accident? And do you have a way to cancel it when you are?

Anyway, I am not suggesting to have a unauthentic “everything will be all right”  vibration ..the one most positive people have……which is really veneer to cover there distract us away from us living in the Disney of nazi concentration camp. Not only that…all the pleasant things… my view have been provided by the “system” and are in some deep way part of the problem. I have a ton of healer friends that enjoy going to these mystical/dubstep/burning man/stoner style dance nights…..which I get a super creepy vibe from. Its cool they like it(sorta) but it still is “system” entertainment.

Finding things for to enjoy in this world is very difficult..most everything is provided by the “system”..gurus…spirituality….entertainment…arts/crafts…..almost all of it is unauthentic.” That said..your gonna have to try. You will know when you have hit apon a untainted, deep action that you have an affinity for that will far surpase these western uncivilization distraction provided to you as “entertainment/art”.  Difficult as it may be to find ..find it you must …otherwise your just a big old black magic antenna. So don’t.

I do live and manage…not that far from cities…but most of the stuff I find joy in is what divine source and my own creativity has found. I don’t do holidays. I(and my wife) make my own. I don’t do hollywood entertainment. We do our own art. I don’t play video games…I play…….clear geopathic stress..from EVERYWHERE. Great game and its very difficult and there are always new levels to reach. I don’t watch or read ANY FICTION……I do research on documentaries only. And even alot of that is fiction. I don’t hang out with alot of people……but the ones I do don’t seem interested in dragging my soul back into this Disney gulag…..and are genuinely interested in life. Gimme 2 or 3 good friends…over a large social/popularity life any day(which I have done that as well). I live in nature…have a garden and am very sensitive…so I find a forest way more amusing, “entertaining” and magically than most things western civilization has created.  I enjoy being able to hold my own authentic centered joy….even in friggin Kmart(i know don’t ask)….now that is interesting and a challenge. In other words…try to generate your own joy and creativity without western civilization helping you….do your best. If you get some from that, that is fine…but that shouldn’t be your main generator…get it? Its also limiting. There is a whole very interesting multidimensional experience out there….and we have been provided with going out friday night/ eating/dancing/movies/getting high/gambling/watching sports/or trying to get laid/ sort of thing as our ONLY means to have any fun on this planet. There are actually an infinite number of interesting things going on this planet….you probably aren’t aware of a fraction of them….none of us are. But the system always gives you a limit…and then crams that limit down your throat.

The point is….if you get creative…and find authentic things to do……not provided by the system(especially “entertainment”…remember that means “to posses your mind”) then this you will generate true grounded awareness/knowing based joy. This will make you a better truther….and give others the much needed hope to endure all these ugly truths we are digging up almost too quickly to process. You can endure more documentaries or lies having discovered joy and truth and be a shining example people going through the emotional nose dive of discovering truth on this planet.

Ok, so now you have a new level of beingness you can try to master. Often I read about the latest pedo scandal  or other atrocity,  have a authentic emotion/reaction and still can heal quickly and get on with some of the more pleasant things in my day…all without scooting reality under the table. This is probably where you should be at.I am a baby at this so this in no way implies this isn’t a REAL effort. Feel free to share authentic actions that nobody else thought ….here…..maybe we can start rebuilding this planets soul… one soul at time.


Oh by the way. I was told..yes told….it was going to all work out…but I was not told it was going to be easy or without some bruises. Is what I was told accurate or truthful? No idea….no way to test it. It also doesn’t explain how this all gonna work out either…. grrr.

Who told me???… thats another story………….