I have spent a good deal of time observing the sky, clouds and weather. Mostly with direct observation and some with the technologies available on the web. I have done extensive research on weather modification, patents, historical weather and medias manipulation of what we perceive as a weather and clouds. I have done my part to make my sky a more healthy one. Unfortunately, not many people know how or are willing to learn.

Also, most people haven’t seen a real cloud in years…don’t know what they look like and aren’t even aware what the true color of our sky is.

So lets start of what the ideal look for any sky is. And this is optimal for all locations. Anything else is polution, spraying, positively ionized air(its supposed to be neutral), scalar waves and other nonsense. At best we have partial condensation clouds mixed with mostly nonsense.

Ok…..sky is a deep blue.(not including sunsets and night). Period. Anything else is garbage. Powder blue is not natural sky. That is evidence of sprayed particulates. Period. It looks like this. DEEP BLUE.

PHOTO: REAL CLOUD AND SKY LOOK:Approximately real color: Real shape…solid cotton ball like. There really isn’t any  other look that natural. I adjusted the color show what it should look like. I rarely have the proper blue around our area.

It is so bad that hollywood has recolorized old movies to remove the deep blue and put in the powder blue so your mind thinks its normal. Kids these day don’t know the natural color of the sky…by design.

PHOTO: CLOUDS are correct color and puffy…sky is powdery…wrong color. Pollution.

Ok….clouds are puffy…well defined and white. Period. It looks like this. This is the ideal cloud. 99% of all natural cloud should be round puffy and white. There aren’t really any other types of natural clouds. You say..well I haven’t seen clouds like that. Thats right you don’t. I don’t see them much anymore but I’ve seen them in Oregon……where I at and the Oregon Coast. If its a puffy white cloud with the slightest bit of shredding that is the air garbage. Period.dscn0664

PHOTO: This is the same cloud 3 minutes after a stop grounding the air. Immediately powdery and those wierd shreddy/chemmy/positively charged “clouds” appear. The cloud immediately starts loosing its distinctive form after this.

So now I will show you what sky garbage weather looks like which is all we see these days.

PHOTO: Sky garbage. This is a mess.

Also….engineers agree that contrails really don’t exist with modern jet planes. What you are seeing is some sort of garbagy particulate mixed with positively ionized air(more garbage) and possibly a little condensation. Thats right…no lines in the sky is your basic rule…and almost will never occur with out some sort of nonsense happening.

PHOTO: All of this is garbage except the last one has some actual blue sky but not for long that will be shreddy white soon. GARBAGE!!!!

Here we go. This is nonsense. So is this. So is this. You have been fooled and mindcontroled by hollwood and news into excepting a sky that is manipulated and positively charged with electricity.

“Over Cast” doesn’t exist at such high altitudes…this mysterious white overlay higher than any cloud used to go…almost into the ionosphere. Thats garbage.dscn0554-4


While ripples in clouds might occure naturally…the don’t chris cross change from north to west in a minute or do this layered cross hatching effect. There is no way you can cross hatch ripple naturally. Those are frequency waves.

PHOTOS: Cross hatching is not natural…those are frequency waves for your random weather enjoyment. 

Clouds are round. You now can find trapezoidal, trangular and straight lines on all sides(used to be just the bottom of a cloud). That is unnatural and that is garbage.

Clouds are very “shredded” looking these days. That is radiation in your air. Clouds should never shred. Period.dscn0563

PHOTO: Cloud color and sky are ok but its too shredy.

Rain/rain clouds have a terrible time forming..when there is a positive charge to the air. Guess what cell phone towers are doing.? Positively charging the air. Worried about Global Warming and using a cell phone….and not griping about all the cell phone towers in your city? Well cell phone towers, electrical lines are a major cause for lack of precipitation. Want proof? Ground out your air….see what happens. Carbon doesn’t cause a lack of rain and normally warm weather evaporates more water causing a moister environment…unless you have cell towers..and other weaponized garbage.img_1453

PHOTO: Near Tucson I think.Here is one reason for your lack of rain…and unnatural weather.. GARBAGE

Yes…there are things you can do about it. I have tested for years these things. Its easy to test the charge of the air. Its easy to ground it too and watch stuff happen.

Cumulous clouds almost never have a weather parttern over them…naturally. Now they is always weird weather over a lower level of weird wether. This also is garbage. If you see two layers of weather…be suspicious.

PHOTO: This may be a DOR(DEADLY ORGONE) cloud. This what they look like anyway. DARK NOT WHITE. Lack of life energy/negative ions in the cloud. Notice the higher amount of random white out above. Garbage.

“Science” used to say for a century+ there were 3 basic cloud types…but now…there is mysteriously over 50. Things that actually didn’t exist 20 years ago. This is programming.


These things are true. Now you know. I hope you never look at your sky the same again…and are just a little bit annoyed….not at me but ‘them’ for giving you a fake sky. If you follow this rule you will be able to see when your is healthy(rare) and when its not(often).

It is easier to learn to ground out your air than to get rid of cell phone towers, at this point. Learn now.

PHOTO: MOSTLY GOOD CLOUDS AND SKY COLOR. Last one has flat bottoms which is rare now.