While I know……good people going out there…and good indigenous with legitimate concerns……..there is some possible shenanigans…………a sorta false flag like feel…..infact there may be at least 2 times this same ritual was performed on the same people in the same location. Creepy.

I am not suggesting there isn’t some real things going on there..I am only addressing what might be a fake/constructed aspect of it. More research is needed.

So….it appears that some of this is turning into a Masonic(style) Ritual…….either for real or a fake history sacrifice. Again…I’m not saying…that there aren’t real protesters, real indigenous  or a real pipeline…just saying….some of this might be being manufactured into a sacrifice. In fact I am concerned about tomorrow. 11/27/2016 or 11/9/9 …..1199. Or maybe it will be Dec. 1 which you can easily make a 119 out of. I’m not into predicting and I truly hope this all ends with some indigenous rights restored….I’m just saying be aware of dates like these.th-3

PHOTO: Standing Rock Tribe Logo. 8 Pointed star. In a Kabbalistic Magic circle fashion. Is it symbolic of a connection to the lost tribes of Israel or a more recent influence?

symbol18 PHOTO: Magical Star of Babylon. Used by Magicians. For comparison

First I have done some investigation about Indigenous people who are Masons. Order out of Chaos?or Problem, Reaction Solution? I can find accounts of high level  Masonry in the Sioux, Iroquois, Black Foot and many other tribes….some or these accounts are from 33 degree masons.

Prince of Dakota Sioux is about a historical Sioux chief..written by Joseph Bennet 33degree. It is an interesting article….look it up. There is also “The spread of freemasonry amongst the american Indians” By Dr. Patrick Neal Minges. It starts off with Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw Natives being accepted into a London Lodge In 1791. Wow. Very Strange.  It goes on to talk about the numerous contributions to Masonry by many of the familiar tribes and not so familiar tribe throughout the 1800’s,1900 and into this century. You get the idea…very strange. How does this effect how we look at history. Is there something more going on then just a bunch of white guys oppressing the red peoples or was there some inner sabattoge? Or maybe Masonic Natives had nothing to do with any shinanigans…I couldn’t know either way.

rosebud-tribe PHOTO: Looks Similar to the Canted Square and Fascii of Masonry..and other interesting occult stuff. Ancient or recent influences? Red Cross is usually Templars too.

th-5 Another Star Similar to Thelemic/Enocian Magic. Ancient or recent influence?

BUT………Can a high level mason..who is Sioux or other indigenous go against there fellow brethren(Masons)_…..for the sake of the true indigenous…I don’t know…but its worth considering. As there any conflict of interest going on here. I don’t know…but protesting indigenous should find out. I don’t recall any founding father mason’s not contributing to some indigenous getting screwed. Ben Franklin reportedly assisted in several heinous acts including the assassination of Queen Goddess Winona. Just me but they seem at odds. People sabatoge their own people all the time…look at every government on this planet….but I cannot say either way if this is going on in this case.

While I don’t get into demonizing all Masons….I don’t see how any compatibility of indigenous and masonic spirituality. Thats just me. We know you don’t get past 33 degree without some Luciferian view.Most don’t get past the first couple of degrees so I doubt they know anything other than doing local charity events. Again…not going to say all Mason’s are bad guys, just a certain type.

Now for the nitty gritty. Lets look at some weird numbers usually associated with Masonic style Rituals.


11 sided star with a 4 sided star……44. 

Some dates from wiki.

We have American troupes deployed on 12/15 1890….9 99 ..sorta and inverted 666. interesting and its in December. This was to arrest Sitting Bull.

Wounded is listed as December 29,1890 ….you can see the 11 and 99 in the date. 7the cavalry killed 300 women children. 7X3 is 21 ..black jack or mind control.

1960’s the Army Corp of engineers…flooded standing rock land(some dams were built) and displaces several Sioux towns…..killed bison..forest…etc. The same group thats going in to displace people again. I can’t find out if this was in December or not…anybody?

September 3 is when the mercenaries got hired this year..excuse me private corporate security…9/3 or 93 Saturn/Thelema number.

th-2 8 sided star again..its also a symbol of ISIS

Obama was confronted on September 7th or Sep/7 or 77. interesting. 77 is OZ as in the wizard of Oz…the man behind the curtain. Sep=7.

The current displacement plan by the Army Corp was announced on Black Friday. 11/27 or 11/7 in the occult is 11×7 or 77.

I could go on but the numbers pretty much line up in that sort of fashion.

Also….Hollywood types are now involved…Jane Fonda( agent of the system) and Neil Young…..yes he’s tainted too….see Dave Mcgowen’s work. The list grows..but you get the idea. Remember…there are no untainted Hollywood/music celebs. Period.

Is this a real beef between indigenous and a corporation or is this a totally fake socially engineered event…or is it a mixture of both? I guess we find out…unfortunately there are real people I meet going out there, to do the right thing…suck if it was for a ritual sacrifice. Ick.

These days you have to scrutinize all events……

PS: To the non Darky Masons. Yes I know most of you guys..aren’t into this dark crap. BUT…..to not know that some of you get tapped into some darker stuff…is pretty naive….at this point. So the above should probably read Dark Masonry instead of Masonry…just to be fair. But who ever is doing this social engineering events is DEFACTO…using your technology.


UPDATE: I forgot to mention…..though I am what a mutt..but mostly of various European nationalities…..I am a small part Cherokee and Sioux…and I believe there is Cherokee has been proven to have (inpart)genetic relations to the Middle East. Iroquois have those relations as well.

So the stars could be more masonic infuence and recent. Or it could trace back to the forgotten ancient world wide civilization we like to call Atlantis.

UPDATE 11/27: First CNN Headline says protesters wont’ be forcibly moved…then the article says they will. “stronger than ever” is a part of the article that is in quotes..and as we know things in quotes usually have the code.

“free speech zone” is 1212 in english gematria. A 33 if you look at it.

On Friday, 33 anti-pipeline protesters were arrested and charged with criminal trespass after about 100 of them formed a prayer circle inside a Bismark mall, police said.  …so there is your 33…required by most false news.

Sioux is 649 in Jewish Gematria …Same as Exodus and Military. Its also 88 in Regular gematria( the long way). 88 as has been covered endlessly here, on Zach’s channel has been one of the main numbers in the Election…its Hillary’s bithday…the election date….Trump is 88….it goes on…and here we are again. 88 is also California and Marijuana…which I believe California legalized recreational Marijuana use “coincidentally” this years election. So again…I do know people going out there reporting horrible stuff…..I also can tell you in the media and possible some aspects of the event are being orchestrated for an effect….and done to gematria/numerlolgy….again.

UPDATE 2/17: I found this Book about Native American Freemasonry. From 1919 I think:

By Arthur C. Parker: American Indian Freemasonry. So what exactly does this mean for us. Is there shennanigans EVEN in the underdog Native Americans? Hmm…Dunno..but I would advise to do more research. I personally cannot find any relation to Masonic religion and the Natural ones. Thats just me of course. I am fully prepared and basically know that there are no limits to the corruption on this planet. Of course I am not saying there are no Natives that are true…just that some would be false. By definition a secret society withholds truth from the Profane(average person) and gives it to only innitiated making it very difficult for the profane(thats us) to trust any thing an innitiate says. Just sayin.

Excerp:”A TALL bronze skinned guide led the way over an ice rutted road. The journey toward the mysterious East had been commenced. Following the guide in single file were four and yet three, for one was the conductor in whose presence the three were assured safety from all danger not of their own making. In all there were five, for such is the order of the journey. It was in the land of the Senecas, those most powerful confederates of the famous Six Nations of the Iroquois. To this land in the Valley of the Cattaraugus had journeyed the Commander in Chief of Buffalo Consistory with three other members of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry.”