The real quick version. Apparently in an unprecedented corporate land grab(and violation of  Native treaty and treaties based on stolen land)….there is a on purposely low grade construction of an oil line(destined to go to china not us) ……designed to fail and create oil spills. The insurance company comes in and pays for the clean up. It doesn’t get cleaned up..just covered with gravel. Water supplies in 4 states are ruined..not theory that is the plan.  New martial law techniques(which we are under anyway)..including media manipulation, emf warfare, microwave weapons…..and social engineering techniques are being used against..possibly 200 or more tribes from all over the world who have migrated there in prayer. Kinda convenient if they decide the wipe out the last remaining tribal elders of the entire world. Hmm….well…they go the last remaining true bits of history and spirituality may be gone forever….unless you figure out how to access the field ..which you probably won’t. If you do the research you will find many accounts of oil lines being on purposely put through ancient shamanic burial grounds. Siberia is one aspect. That is NECROMANCY. download-8

If true, one of the biggest Events in real American History is happening right now. That said even social engineering knows no bounds….so more needs to be vetted by real researchers not limited by Rep/Demo Duality consciousness.  Still most of ya’all probably don’t know that Ghandi style protests are under way…and really its no different. England and its corporations are doing what its been doing for 100’s of years.  Welcome to the United States of the City Of London….how are you enjoying it so far?


UPDATE: First suspicious thing about this is the hollywood/entertainment actors coming out to support the cause. Jane Fonda, Neil Young and other confirmed “agents” of the system. Any time hollywood has to do with anything social engineering is afoot. Be on your toes truth seekers.