ENTITIES:  Shadows of Meth….

Before I fully integrated my situation of being “shamanic” in my senses……I used to see shadows a lot especially around methy/coke/stimulanty drug users. Not uncommon in La LA Land. It was very disturbing…you aren’t really told about this..and of course…..you would normally think your crazy……except the person next to me could see them too.

Anyway….I haven’t seen them for years…and your mind goes back to well maybe I’m not tuned in like that anymore, lost sensitivity…or I was Imagining it.  NOPE

My wife, yesterday, was in a nice hotel…but had some  heavy drug users in there….smoking some stimulant.  She was telling me about the experience later…….and lo and behold there they appeared. Crap. I was sort excited but then not. I hadn’t really lost any sensitivity there they were left by the same sort of drug user. Unfortunately they were in our house now……had to spend quite a while scooting them out. Still don’t feel great…they are an energy drain. I actually had a friend spend some time clearing me..later.

I guess, if you really wanted to prove to yourself about entities…hang out with some meth users…..then look at all the shadows in the corner of your eye. Actually don’t because you take some shadows home.

PS: Other drugs give a person other types of entities…so don’t think you don’t get them because you smoke pot, drink or whatever.